The Czech Republic – Fifth Column

12. února 2008 v 14:55 | James Jakoubek
Communist Party of Czechoslovakia was a criminal organization that deserves full repudiation just like any other organization based on similar ideology that aim to violate human right of any democratic state.
(Excerpt from the Law 198/93, the Czech Republic)
In 1993 the Parliament of the Czech Republic passed a law that proclaimed the past 40 years of the rule of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia as an Era of Totalitarianism and the ruling Communist Party to be a criminal organization. Despite this specific law, the direct descendant of this criminal organization, the Communist Party of the Czech and Moravia, CPCM, is today alive and well and on the political scene of the Czech Republic occupies the third place. In public, the leaders of this party conduct themselves as real and convincing democrats pretending to be the one and only guardians of democracy in the Czech Republic. But the reality is quite different. Just one look on some of the internal documents of the CPCM dealing with the ideology, program and plans for the future if Communists ever again gain back their lost power tells us that their today's proclamations are nothing, but a thick smokescreen.
One of the leading ideologists of today's Czech Communist Party is certain Josef Heller. He is, just like many of his colleagues, hard-line Communist with roots in the totalitarian era - during those times, he was a professor of so called "scientific Communism" (whatever that means). That his totalitarian view of the world did not change from the time he "educated" new cadets for the class warfare can be seen in his writings. One such case is his essay "The Communist Manifesto and Contemporary tasks of the Communists" (in Czech - Komunistický Manifest a současné úkoly komunistů). This writing shows us the real face of today's Czech Communists - and that face has the clear traits of a like-to-be dictators.

"Even after more than 150 years, the Communist Manifesto is still very important document that testifies about the character of the Communist Parties and their view of the world" is the first sentence of the essay. After that we are enlightened that just like 150 years ago "…today, a(Communist) specter is haunting" the world. Follows an advice: "We have to be clear about this, the term class warfare doesn't mean only violent forms or physical liquidation of the members of the enemy classes … but also a philosophical category … even if methods of class warfare were on occasions harsh, we cannot discount them." As we can see, this is the kind of "democracy" Czech Communists do vision. But there are problems ahead, because today' world is a little different than was 150 years ago. One thing that really ticks Comrade Heller: "… Problem of today's class warfare is the fact that working class facing the capital is quite shattered and on top of that, also lost its class consciousness…" Not only in highly developed and civilized countries where Communism is in its mortal throes and talked about only by bunch of drugged eccentrics or worshipped by saloon intellectuals of Hollywood type but, and this is the real problem, in "…Third world, where industrialization processes led to certain betterment of workers situation" and for this reason "bourgeoisies are winning continuing fights." This is why, Comrade Heller tells us, it is very important to teach workers class "new forms of the class warfare." For someone, who all his life allegedly dreams and earns for peace, there are lots of desires to fight and conduct (class) warfare, including "physical liquidation of the members of enemy classes." But let's not be mistaken about the final tasks of the Communist movement in the eyes an minds of Czech Communists as Comrade Heller tells us: "This task is the same as always was, the abolition of private property. This final goal we, Communists, must in our strategic papers and programs always proclaim…It is also important to fulfill another conditions of our classics, the abolition of bourgeois personality, bourgeois independence, bourgeois freedom…"
At this point I can relate a personal experience with this man, Comrade Josef Heller. One day back after he published his essay, on a discussion forum of the Czech Communist daily Halo Noviny he debated some finer ideological points of his with other readers. By a chance I stumbled on this discussion. He was, as is Communist's habit, at that moment conducting sermon on what is, how it should be practiced, and how deeply Communist Party loves and believes in, a democracy. So, I quoted few above cited thesis from his essay and asked him what he thinks of them, and remarked that I am sure that he personally knows the author of those quotes. He passed on any opinion, though, but as far as the author is concerned, he said that he, of course, does not know him. In his opinion, he said, the author is most likely some extremist from the circle of Miroslav Stepan (this Stepan is another hard line Communist, so far left that even our good CPCM doesn't want anything to do with him, at least not publicly.) So I told him and his audience where I found those quotes in question. His reaction was typical. He accused me of not being honest, because I took those quotes out of context and twisted them around. "Is this what you learned in the cradle of democracy?" he cried. Those quotes, he said, were only some of his intellectual thoughts on the Communist Manifesto, what is valid for today and what needs to be modified. The question about his stated necessity to fulfill quoted conditions of his classics he ignored. But funny thing happened. Not long after this encounter Halo Noviny abolished its discussion forum, officially because there were too many nasty remarks aimed at the contents of the published articles. And, what is more significant, the archive of the CPCM where their internal documents were posted, was also discarded. And that really is a pity.
As we can see, proclamations of Comrade Heller in his essay give credence to the suspicions specified in the Law 198/93 that proclaimed that the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia was (and today in my opinion CPCM still is) not a political party, but in its core a criminal organization bent on the destruction of the democratic system. And in this immortal longing Comrade Heller is not alone.
Then the Chairman of the CPCM Miroslav Grebenicek in one of his ideological pamphlets has similar thought: "Final aim of the Communist movement is the same as always … Nothing and no one is greater enemy of the bourgeoisies than Communism is. Not only because it goes after the bourgeoisies' neck, but also gives workers an alternative, the necessity of change. And this is why the Right is so scared, this is why for example the rightist politicians in the Czech Republic passed the law that says that the Communism is allegedly a criminal enterprise…"
Another Czech Communist ideologist, certain Jiří Janeček in his propagandist jewel called "Let's Go Back to the Truth" (in Czech "Vracejme se k Pravdě") proclaims: "…Victors of Revolutions or Civil wars can hardly afford to grant the defeated enemy any freedom of speech. The democracy for the defeated classes must be limited. The logic of evolution always wins over good intentions or democratic resolves … In Socialist system, the rule of a single Party dominant over all others and everything else is an absolute necessity …Today, the global spreading of the Capitalist system reminds us of the possibilities of global revolution, just like long ago dreamed young Karl Marx and then Russian Bolsheviks. Today, capitalist globalization is a real threat to the stability and to the world peace … It is a false pretence to believe that by evolution or with the help of the reformists it is possible to reach our socialist goals. This is not true! The middle road does not exist! Reformists are enemies; they are the obstructionists on our path forward, because they are stopping the growth of the class consciousness of the working masses…"
So here is another Czech Communist "democrat" who roars that either his vision of peace and peaceful world must go by his way, or no way at all. Anyone who does not stand behind his bullying way is an enemy. It is logical - you are either with him or against him, there is no middle way!! And this kind of rhetoric is also part of the program of the Communist Party of the Czech and Moravia: Who is not with them, is against them. This philosophy goes way back before the February 1948 when Communists with the help from "our brothers", the Soviets, organized military-style Putsch. Then the Chairman of the Communist Party, also a Prime Minister, Klement Gottwald, (who shortly after that became the first "worker's man" President of the communized Czechoslovakia) during his speech on the Old Town Square warned the population: "Who is not with us, goes against us!" That speech marked the starting point of the terrorist rule of the Communist Party in Czechoslovakia. The rule marked by hundreds of executions of political opponents - in the eyes of Communists the worker's enemies. The rule of prisons and camps of forced labor where thousands prisoners found their deaths. The rule that wrapped the country's borders with the barbed wire and mine fields where thousands more lost their lives. The rule of political indoctrinations from the cradle to the grave, and all of the other markings of the dictatorial regime. The rule that was finally brought down at the end of 1989.
The Czech Republic is a tiny country, without any effective armed forces or any real global political clout. Its only positive is its strategic location in the heart of the Europe. From this point of view, those quoted excerpts from the internal documents of the Czech Communist Party could be judged as a funny or pointless megalomania by members of some "Senile Mickey Mouse Club" who dream about world-wide domination. But we have to keep in mind that today the Czech Republic is an upright, full pledged member of the NATO and that this subversive organization pretending to be a political party has quite substantial backing of the Czech population. Czech Communists are self-proclaimed enemies of the United States of America and with their every day actions are proving this proclamation to be true. Their contacts and cooperation with world enemies of the USA, be it North Korea, Cuba, Vietnam or lately Venezuela, their hard stance against US war on terrorism, their support of any petty dictator anywhere on the globe, just to make a point against the "American dictatorship", speak for itself. The undisputed fact is that today's Communist Party of the Czech and Moravia, CPCM, thanks to its political position on the Czech political scene, constitutes a classical position of a Fifth Column, a thorn in the back of NATO, free world and the democratic state.
It is without any doubt that Czech Communists are ready and willing to betray the Czech Republic and its allies to any enemy that comes along, as long as this treason shall serve the Communist's aim - the defeat of the world's last superpower, the United States of America, and harm the free world. To prove this point to be true all we have to do it to read their daily newspaper, Halo Noviny. On those pages we can find the proof to this claim on every single day.

James Jakoubek,
Lakewood, Ohio
Nov. 16th 2006

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