Wet Dog Race na Aljasce

29. května 2009 v 20:30 | Ross Hedvicek |  Clanky osvetove
Posilam neco, na co byste mohli byt hrdi - ale asi nebudete, je to prece jen syn emigranta a jede pod americkou vlajkou, ne ceskou. Dostal jsem tenhle email:

Pane Hedvicek, 29 kvetna 2009

Vase e-mail adresa me zaujala tak, ze jsem se rozhodl Vam poslat foto naseho syna pred zacatkem "Wet Dog Race" coz je cesta po Aljasce pres 2,000 mil. Tez prikladam "link", kde lze sledovat jejich cestu pomoci GPS' ktery kazdy ze zucastnelych ma na sve jet-ski. (Je jich 5).

Vase clanky jsou vzdy vitany, souhlasim s Vami na 99.9 %. (100 % dle mych zkusenosti je nemazne).

Zdravi Ivan Bucinsky, Alaska.



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1 Der Fallschirmjaeger Der Fallschirmjaeger | 29. května 2009 v 20:40

chechska mentalitka je typu :
Nadeje umira naposledy
zatial co emericka je : Who dares, wins.

2 Kadet Bügler z Leutholdu Kadet Bügler z Leutholdu | 29. května 2009 v 21:02

Podivejte se na fotku kdo to skutecne je.

3 Kadet Bügler z Leutholdu Kadet Bügler z Leutholdu | 29. května 2009 v 21:08

Hedvicek ma vyjmecne pravdu. Cesi v cizine ukazuji nevidane schopnosti, zatim co zapskla atmosfera (a v neposledni rade byrokracie) v Ceskozlodejsku veskerou iniciativu jedince ubiji.

4 SAS SAS | 29. května 2009 v 22:46

Who Dares Wins je heslo britskych SAS

5 Milan Cernosek Milan Cernosek | 29. května 2009 v 23:01

Me se zda, ze jsem se s panem Bucinskym potkal v Anchorage v dubnu 1989. Pokud to je on, at se mi ozve.

6 Milan Cernosek Milan Cernosek | 29. května 2009 v 23:02

Tady je muj e-mail Cernosek@water.ca.gov

7 Bucinsky Bucinsky | E-mail | 29. května 2009 v 23:20

[2]: Je to skutecne meho bratra syn.
   Petr Bucinsky Cesko.

8 Baron Kokorin Baron Kokorin | 30. května 2009 v 4:19

Nechapu, proc se hrabe J. B. angazuje jako Cech a umoznuje svorcovym emigrantum z Floridy cestu na jeho ocean liner. Mel by vedet, ze kdyz zradili vlast a sli do horsiho tak jim to patri a nechat je hladovet na Floride. Ohledne kocabky syna Ivana Bucinskeho, na kterou by hrabe naposadil ani jeho cokla Cicinu jen toto: Kdyby lidi v minulosti meli strach a nezkouseli lode, auta, letadla a pozdeji i lety do vesmiru, dodnes bychom zili v jeskynich a mozna ani nemeli konske potahy, protoze i ten kun te muze kopnout nebo kousnout.
Pan hrabe, jestlize nelze, tak dostal v repatriaci to, na co delali jeho predkove, vcetne titulu, nebo, a to mnohem pravdopodneji je lhar a provokater ktery nevlastni ani cokla Cicinu.
V kazdem pripade je posera ktery se moc boji jakehokoliv sportu a dobrodruzstvi.

9 Ivan Ivan | 30. května 2009 v 5:29

Re-print from Kodiak Mirror newspaper:

A cast of characters: Five jet ski addicts are paving way for future 2,000-mile race
Teeing off
Article published on Friday, May 29th, 2009
By Derek Clarkston
Mirror Writer
Cue the cameras, roll the tape.

Tuesday afternoon sitting inside the Kodiak Daily Mirror’s conference room, I truly felt like a star.

Surrounding me were the five Wet Dog pioneers — the soon-to-be legends of personal watercraft races.

To my left was Ralph Perez, a gruff-sounding retiree from the U.S. Army Reserves.

To his left, in the corner of the room, Scott Hough was manning one of the video cameras..

Next to Hough was Petr Bucinsky. Bucinsky owns a violin shop and sports a sick-looking mullet.

Next to Bucinksy, sat Gina Poths. Poths is a police dispatcher and the only female signed on to the adventure.

To Poth’s left was John Lang. Lang is the man who created this race.

Next to Lang was Ron Paye. Paye is in the communications field and sports a sweet curly mullet.

Next to Paye was Aaron Kinser, who was sporting with a very intimidating camera.

I spent 45 minutes talking to the cast of seven who looked more like characters from the “Revenge of the Nerds” movie than water racers.

But, make no mistake about it. These seven are not your normal nerds. They are jet skiing nerds.

You have to be, to do what they are doing. They are going where no jet skiers have ever dared to go — in Alaska’s open waters.

From the start — Whittier — to the finish — Iliamna — the group will cover 2,000 miles in the types of water conditions seen on the Discovery Channel’s “Deadliest Catch.”

“I have been swamped a few times on this,” Perez said. “We went over some huge waves and the bow of the boat basically dug into the wave and the next thing you know you are literally underwater and you just bob right up.”

“You feel like a cork in a washing machine,” Bucinsky said.

Wowsers. I don’t know what to think. During some moments in the interview I think this is crazy at other moments I want to join in the craziness.

These pioneers are seeing parts of Alaska that only a few get to see. For that I am extremely envious.

I’m not envious of spending more than eight hours on a Sea-Doo.

Plus, imagine the wrinkle-factor. I would be a prune spending that much time in the water.

I was informed, though, the only parts of the body that come in contact with water are your hands and face. The three to four layers of clothing cover the rest of the body.

Then there is the problem of getting bored. Sure the mountains and the sea life (they have seen whales, puffins and dolphins) are nice to look at, but once you see one, you have seen them all.

Minus the spectacular scenery it’s just the open water, your machine and your mind.

“It’s interesting what goes through your head,” Bucinsky said. “For me it is a personal journey. You think about your personal live. You think about what you could have done, what you couldn’t have done. It’s like a movie, you are constantly re-running everything.”

Not everybody is as philosophical as Bucinsky.
Perez, from Los Angeles, is really too busy soaking in the beauty that is Alaska.

“This is basically just like putting me in an oxygen tank,” he said. “I could smell the pine from the trees. I could actually smell whale poop, I think. There is just a variety of everything out there, it’s just stimulus … it actually brought a tear to my eye.”

Poth likes to occupy herself with music from her MP3 player on her Sea-Doo.

“I have everything on it,” she said. “Anywhere from AC/DC to Shania Twain to Pink. Every song is different.”

Sometimes Poth even falls asleep.

“We broke down out by the Barren Islands and we were working on it (Sea-Doo) and Gina just took a little nap,” Lang said.

Lang has a different mindset than the rest. It’s his job to come to the conclusion that this race — it would be the longest personal watercraft race in the world — is doable.

“I haven’t seen anything to stop me yet,” he said.

This has been Lang’s 7-year-long brainchild. Sure there are doubters. He has heard it all from ‘you’re biting of more than you can chew’ to ‘it sounds like you are chasing a pipe dream.’

Maybe he is. But, at least he is putting action into his words.

The support through the first 330 miles is enough to convince Lang this open water advenuture can work.

“It’s just unbelievable,” Lang said. “We pulled into Port Graham and the whole village came down to see us … they fed us breakfast, cooked bacon, eggs and pancakes for us.”

Did somebody say bacon? This might be all right after all.

Now, let’s not forget about the people behind the camera, who reside on the support boat.

“I’m a landlock guy,” said Hough, from Idaho. “I haven’t been on the ocean since I was 12 and I didn’t have a good time then. I’m experiencing five-to-eight-foot swells and current shifts. The first couple of rides were evil.”

Kinsler comes from Los Angeles, he and Hough are continually rolling the camera.

“For us being on the support boat it’s a little challenging trying to get a steady shot, but it’s worth it,” Kinsler said.

The two capture nearly every moment on film, including getting The Clarkston pulling souvenir papers off the press

I hope that gets cut from the footage.

I decided to cut the interview off after noticing Lang kept looking at the time on his cell phone.

But, I got the sense the seven could have gone on for hours.

They have more than 1,600 miles left in their journey and I am sure after that they will have stories to tell for a lifetime.

After talking to the group, I’m still not sold the race will work. A lot of things must be done to pull this off. But, then again when you have jet skiing diehards like Lang and his group, anything can happen.

Cue the cameras, roll the tape.

Mirror writer Derek Clarkston can be reached via e-mail at sports@kodiakdailymirror.com.

10 Ivan Ivan | 30. května 2009 v 5:58

Wet Doggers arrive to Alitak Cannery
Article published on Friday, May 29th, 2009

ALITAK CANNERY, southern Kodiak Island – King crab safely walk the watery bottom around the pilings supporting the Ocean Beauty cannery near Akhiok. It’s an odd juxtaposition considering how many of their ancestors met their end in the cannery during the king crab years.

Five members of the Alaskan Wet Dog Race – John Lang, Petr Bucinsky, Gina Poths, Ron Paye and Ralph Perez – pulled into the island nook unannounced. But, in a show of genuine Alaska hospitality, the racers were given free lodging and food at the end of Thursday’s leg from Old Harbor to Akhiok.

The hill above Alitak has letters spelling “Hollywood” in reverence of the Los Angeles civic icon – reputedly an effort by past cannery workers. On the hill above the bunks where the Wet Doggers slept were a few plastic flamingos, marking a second Southern California reference.

Poths said the original plan for the evening was to rent a cabin for the night in Akhiok, because the group was not going to make it all the way to Larsen Bay on Thursday. However, that fell through when the hospitable Alitak facility manager Woody Knebel opened the cannery doors.

And, the locals were eager to ask questions about the race.

Knebel said he had the wrong impression about the race when he heard some people were headed toward the village.

“We got a call today, I’m not sure who said the ‘sea dogs’ were coming. And I thought it was the Navy SEALS. Then I heard some ski-doos, or something.”          

Eventually, Lang told him about the Wet Doggers and their proposed 2,000-mile race across much of Alaska’s waters, Anchorage to Homer to Kodiak to False Pass and back.

“I think it’s a pretty neat idea,” Knebel said. “It should be a pretty interesting trip.”

Knebel said he has seen people just show up like this before at the cannery.

“I had a couple guys stop up here a few years ago. They were trying to go around the world in a 16-foot skiff,” he said.
The Alitak cannery is open April through September. Knebel said cannery workers were just finishing up the herring fishery.

The Wet Doggers left Old Harbor Thursday after winning the hearts of people along the way in order to drum up support for the race, proposed for 2011 with as many as 500 teams and a $2 million first-place prize.

Lang spoke with Old Harbor vice mayor Stella Krumrey and Ocean View Lodge owner Carl Christiansen for the promotional film documentary. Krumrey was a little more reserved, but supportive of the Wet Dog race promoters’ idea to use Old Harbor as a checkpoint in the race. She said she would distribute the pamphlets about the race and get the opinions of others in the local tribal council.

Christiansen, however, was very enthusiastic but expressed reservations about a flood of people in the small town, an insufficient amount of lodging and the race’s impact on local commercial, subsistence and charter fishing.

Rolf Christiansen, who works at Gwendolooks, Old Harbor’s only store, was extremely enthusiastic about the race when Lang and Paye came in. He joked that he would “smoke” the competition and win easily if he entered.

The Wet Doggers have gained a considerable amount of interest, questions and support for their endeavor. Many at Alitak were also supportive and inquisitive when seeing the seemingly impossible site of five Sea-Doos showing up to dock in remote Alaska.

The Wet Dog crew left Old Harbor after touring the Russian Orthodox Church, the city dump (in hopes of spotting the bear there) and the town. They had a late departure at around 2:30 p.m. in foggy skies and light rain – the opposite of recent clear-weather luck.

Bucinsky caught several fish with his pole while sitting on his personal watercraft, including a yellow Irish lord – infamously dubbed “double ugly” for its unsavory appearance. He also caught a giant barnacle that had buried itself inside a rock. Support boat Capt. Bruce Lozekar of the Homer-based Memory Maker had to bring out a guidebook to help identify the barnacle.

At one point near Cape Trinity, Lozekar called out to a nearby cod-fishing boat to see if they had a reaction at the sight of five Sea-Doos zooming across the remote waters. The voice replied: “We’re wondering what you guys are doing” before he later said the crew had heard a little about the Wet Dog exploits.

The Wet Doggers and Memory Maker today head to Karluk and Larsen Bay before crossing the Shelikof Strait to Chignik and farther west along the Alaska Peninsula to False Pass.

Mirror writer Bradley Zint can be reached via e-mail at bzint@kodiakdailymirror.com

11 LINDA BUCINSKY LINDA BUCINSKY | E-mail | 30. května 2009 v 7:01


12 ghost ghost | 30. května 2009 v 9:23

[11]: The homebond Czechs are mostly like this, Ms. Bucinsky.

Zavistivost je ten nejvyvinutejsi organ domocechu.

13 Jaromir Masa Jaromir Masa | E-mail | Web | 30. května 2009 v 10:15

Krasna damo a skveli panove
i kdybyste tvrdili ze jste spolu s Bushem krovaci, nic Vam to neni platne, takovou legraci snad opravdu dokazou jedine Cesi (to mne tesi).
Svejku je to banda stara
od Prazaka po Chachara
Od Libuse tady uz
obcas jen se vyskyt' muz
duch svobody tady dych'
na tebe jen v Bohnicich.

Jinak vsechny ty diskuse mi zde pripominaji rozhovory dedku v hospode U Breburdy (prectete si Cirkus Humberto!), kam jsem jako klum chodil za valky pro pivo.

14 Bavič Kaiser Bavič Kaiser | 30. května 2009 v 15:17

Doufám, že ten hrdý syn českého emigranta neprchá z USA před prasečí chřipkou na Kubu...

15 george86.canada george86.canada | E-mail | 30. května 2009 v 15:42

Rossi, proc nejsi aktivni i na blogu: ross-hedvicek.blogspot.com ?

Za chvili ti zakazou publikovat i na blog.cz

george86.canada, ON, Toronto

16 george86.canada george86.canada | E-mail | 30. května 2009 v 15:43

[14]: Jo, na Kube se uz dnes maji lepe nez zitra.

george86.canada, ON, Toronto

17 Bavič Kaiser Bavič Kaiser | 30. května 2009 v 21:17

To 16: To že se na Kubě mají lidé dnes lépe než zítra, to je tu v čechách pravidlem už skoro dvacet let. Kdo není úchylák, a nebo nekrade, prostě neuspěje, ale to ne jen v čechách......

18 Kadet Bügler z Leutholdu Kadet Bügler z Leutholdu | 30. května 2009 v 21:44

[17]: Styska se po zivote za bolseviku?

19 Bavič Kaiser Bavič Kaiser | 30. května 2009 v 22:07

To 18: V roce 1986 vyprávěl na Brněnském strojírenském veletrhu jeden malý žid, který tam poprvé čechům přivezl vteřinové lepidlo,  a prodával ho tam za pětikilo malou jednomililitrovou láhvičku, tento vtip:

Přijde president Regan do nebe, čte si noviny, a vidí titulek: Pracující  Genral Motors připravují závazky k prvému sjezdu komunistické strany USA. Otočí list, a tam čte: Na Wall Street se bude konat zítra velká manifestace na počest první pětiletky. Pokývá hlavou, a říká si: Kruci, tak ty rusáci to nakonec asi přece jenmo vyhráli. Otočí pak ještě list, a tam čte titulek: Neklid na španělsko čínské hranici.

20 Baron Kokorin Baron Kokorin | 31. května 2009 v 1:52

Sice nejem Hedvajz, ale myslim, ze Johanesuv diskusni prispevek byl vymazan z duvodu obav, aby naval na jeho ocean liner tento nepotopil; nebo snad aby hrabetova bogusni adresa nebyla brana naivnimi Cechacky, kteri se chteji podivat okolo sveta zadarmo jako pravdiva ? Tento usudek je z poznani, ze pouze jeden prispevek byl vymazan - a to hrabete J.B. Mimo faktu, ze byl idiotsky.

21 ghost ghost | 31. května 2009 v 16:46

[Smazaný komentář] To byla matrikarka tak vozrala, ze ti zapsala do rodneho listu jen jedno 'n' v krestnim jmene?

22 ghost ghost | 31. května 2009 v 19:01

[Smazaný komentář] A ani cesky neumis.

23 Souckova Souckova | 1. června 2009 v 11:08

Kdysi davno jsem mela detailne jakoby  skutecny podrobny sen o tom jak Prahou jezdily cinske tanky a všude byly Cinani ve vojenskych stejnokrojich.Zrejme nas obsadili zcela bez boje, nikde se nestrilelo.Je docela mozne,ze ve skutecnosti budou sousedit se Španelskem.

24 Kadet Bügler z Leutholdu Kadet Bügler z Leutholdu | 1. června 2009 v 16:30

[23]: Bezet zalozit spolek Cinsko - Ceskeho pratelstvi!

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