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How not to be a Pecksniffian...

2. prosince 2009 v 17:27 | Ross Hedvicek |  Clanky osvetove
Good news for paranoiacs! After the Obama catastrophe, paranoiacs will no longer be considered medically impaired but will be moved to the category of "wiser, more experienced people". After all, a lot of people (59,934,814 of them) correctly predicted that our current joke of a president is nothing but an incompetent leftist kook, but still some 69,456,897 simple-minded folks weren't sure. Now the tide is turning.

Just don't be a Pecksniffian! I remember a saucy Aussie saying that they do not call shovel a shovel - they call it a ******* spade! The same goes with our democracy-killing "political correctness." Call it as it is! If Islam is killing innocent Americans - then it is not a religion, but murderous ideology. The same goes for leftists! Stalin and Anita Dunn's favorite philosopher Mao Tse Tung weren't the only mass-murdering leftists -Hitler was one as well! His political party, the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (abbreviated NSDAP commonly known in English as the Nazi Party) even had socialist in the name! And it is obvious that our disastrous president is not only completely out of whack - but a hard-line leftist loon, too! Who would have guessed during his presidency that a decade later we would be remembering Bill Clinton kindly? Bubba was great! At least compared to this nut job.

I have a manuscript of a brand new book by Chicago filmmaker Robert Buchar called "And Reality Be Damned..." with the subtitle "Undoing America: What media didn't tell you about the end of the Cold War and the fall of communism in Europe". Before Obama the author would have risked being called paranoid or a "conspiracy theorist" - but now he is out of danger. He is absolutely believable. In the form of multiple interviews with surprisingly qualified people (Peter Bagley and Robert Gates, famous defectors from the Evil Empire Oleg Gordievsky, Vladimir Bukovsky, Ion Pacepa, expert authors like Jeff Nyquist, Bill Gertz, Jay Epstein or Joseph Douglass or Czech Velvet luminaries as Pavel Zacek, Vladimir Hucin and Jaromir Stetina) he paints a fascinating picture of leftist and communist bullcrap, how they fooled the whole world into thinking that Eastern Europe really turned to democracy and how it can negatively influence even us here in America. That was then - now it takes only one click of the remote, turn on the TV and watch the lame-stream media happily spinning leftist propaganda for the fool in the White House.

The only negative moment in the book is that I discovered that the author even talked to Ludvik Zifcak, former Czech Secret Police (StB) officer of the 2nd directorate working undercover during the fake "Velvet revolution." He was in charge of establishing the Independent Student Alliance and leading the students' demonstration in November 1989 that triggered the events. He played the role of "dead student" Martin Smid, who was "killed" by the "brutal" riot police. Yes folks, it was all staged and faked! I did not think it was too tasteful to include this creep in an otherwise excellent document. It was akin to letting Dr. Mengele explain the history of Auschwitz to visitors of the camp after the war. It is wrong to give a forum to such a despicable character.

Robert Gates, formerly of the CIA and now Secretary of Defense says in the book: "I think the struggle against tyranny is never ending. There is something in the human DNA that makes some people want to rule over others and control their lives." He is right, of course, but how ironic it is that Gates himself is now part of the Obama administration and therefore he may not be part of the solution, but more likely part of the problem. Right now. In America.

The book will be published in the U.S, shortly - in the meantime, the Czech version of the book, under title "Revoluce 1989 - utajene informace ze zakulisi" was just published in Prague. Please visit


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Pomnik 3. odboje v Brne..,

1. prosince 2009 v 15:59 | Jan Kratochvil |  Clanky jinych autoru
Vazeny pane ,

posilam Vam fotky pomniku 3.odboje odhaleneho k 17.listopadu 2009 ,ktery jsem se svou pani Sabinou Kratochvilovou delal , je umisten v meste Brne na prijezdu od Prahy, kousek od vazebni veznice, kde bylo tez oddeleni politickych veznu az do roku 1989 /sedel tam i Petr Cibulka/.

Odhaleni se zucastnil take Milan Paummer a Jan Sinagl. Posilam nekolik fotek. Pomnik je vysoky 5,5 metru. Vyjadruje: utrpenim rodici se svobodu v podobe zahaleneho andela, ktery pozvolna zveda kridla. Na pomniku je zasadni text,ktery poprve verejne hovori o zlocinech komunistu. Zvednute kridlo ukazuje na veznici. Pridavam v dalsim emailu text pomniku a jeho odhaleni.
Prosim,muzete ve Vasem tisku vytisknout.
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Jan Kratochvil
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Rad text a fotografie uverejnuji. Neni to smutne, kdyz JEDINY (vite o nejakem jinem?) pomnik proti-komunistickeho odboje v Cesku musi byt postaven soukromou osobou?