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30. listopadu 2010 v 17:58 | Ross Hedvicek |  Clanky osvetove
I don't get what the big fuss is about Julian Assange and the latest WikiLeaks indiscretion. The way I see it, the guy probably wanted to cause damage to the United States, but ended up doing quite the opposite and in a sense deserves a medal - and a pat on the back as well.

So what did that Bill Maher look-alike kook really achieve? First: He proved to the world that the Obama administration is an extremely incompetent bunch - which everybody here knew all along, but the main-stream media are refusing to acknowledge. Everything Obama touches turns to crap - why should national secrets be any different? Attaboy Julian! A great achievement!

Second: After reading multiple "secrets" one can only conclude that there is never any ill intention in any of those U.S. cables - no orders to kill people or break things, just plain and blunt reporting about creeps from other countries. U.S. diplomats are bunch of well-meaning, albeit naive goody two-shoes ­ they're soft, fluffy teddy bears, how could they be evil? Nobody mention Teddy Ruxpin. The only people who should be embarrassed are the Arabs, Russians, Swedes and other Europeans - they are the real hypocrites here, not the Americans. WikiLeaks has shown the world their true colors, not the Americans'. If there ever was a championship in hypocrisy, it would be like the world championship in hockey. Russians and Czechs would be fighting for gold and the Swedes would get their usual bronze. The U.S. wouldn't even be a contender!

I don't think that Julian Assange has anything to worry about from the Americans (outside of receiving an offer from MTV to join the cast of The Jersey Shore ­ he looks like he'd fit right in). They will feign outrage and make speeches but ultimately nothing will come of it. However, if he drinks a polonium-laced coffee or gets a knife between the ribs, it will be either from the Russians (the coffee) or the Arabs (the knife). After all, my fellow multiculturalists, they have a different culture ­ one much more acceptable to Europeans than that "evil" American one. Enjoy it!


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1 Jan Jan | E-mail | 30. listopadu 2010 v 21:46

Vinit Obamovu administrativu z tejto afery je az prilis zjednodusene.

2 Robert Buchar Robert Buchar | Web | 30. listopadu 2010 v 22:05


3 Robert Buchar Robert Buchar | Web | 1. prosince 2010 v 0:52

Jan, I don't see anything in that article blaming Obma. Are you reading the same page?

4 Jerry Jerry | 1. prosince 2010 v 4:09

And surprisingly good English, too, with some minor mistakes though ("nobody mentions"). Ross is one of the few Czech exiles to master the language. Well done!

5 Vlastik Vlastik | 1. prosince 2010 v 5:05

Podle Glen Becka, Wikileak ma jakesi spojeni na Sorose. Necim to tady smrdi.

6 King Rucola King Rucola | 1. prosince 2010 v 5:08

Well, not living in american speaking part of the world I don't understand that word: "kook", what does it mean? O_O

7 Jan Jan | E-mail | 1. prosince 2010 v 6:16

...he proved the world that the Obama administration is an extremely incopentment bunch...
...everything Obama touches turns to crap..
Nie som jeho fanusik, ale pripisovat ten unik informacii jemu nie je objektivne. Ked ma pristup k prisne tajnym informaciam az 6 milionov ludi, tak to bola iba otazka casu, ked sa nieco take prevali. [3]:

8 PACEJKO PACEJKO | 1. prosince 2010 v 7:10

Jednoho dne se tady v cesku probudime a v US bude u moci Usama-multikulti. Pak to zacne byt zajinave, driv jsou to jen zabavne hry korzaru na dlouhy prd.

slava KarluIV jen skoda ze nenechal vladnout Zikmunda.

9 Good Fella Good Fella | 1. prosince 2010 v 19:51

[6]: a person who acts in a strange or crazy way

10 Jaroslav Jaroslav | 1. prosince 2010 v 21:04

[6]:"kook" is a synonym for "crank".

11 Jaroslav Jaroslav | 1. prosince 2010 v 21:09

[4]: Jerry, but you must be an expert in English when you can judge someone that his English is "suprisingly good". BTW, what is "suprising" that Ross masters the English language? ;-)

12 Kolemjdouci Kolemjdouci | 2. prosince 2010 v 6:54

[4]:Surprisingly good English Jerry.

13 Kolemjdouci Kolemjdouci | 2. prosince 2010 v 6:57

[11]: suRprisingly Jaroslave :-)

14 Jaroslave - a nitpicking friend answers Jaroslave - a nitpicking friend answers | 2. prosince 2010 v 8:32

[11]: You have to put your soul into it and love the language! In comparison with the Czech tongue English is surprisingly easy! Ross H. did that as many of us did the same. BTW allow me to be nitpicking - a native English speaker would say "Ross mastered..." even if "masters" is of course not incorrect. Live well and prosper! Your friend who had the misfortune to be born in the land of the Grandfather of all the Grandfathers the old Grandfather Cech under the mountain called Rip but did not wish to die there sorrounded by the "people of different calibre"!

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