Červenec 2012

Sedi pan v recepci, tesi se na recepci...

8. července 2012 v 4:53 | Ross Hedvicek
Tohle je opet ze svycarskeho Polygonu, viditelne z unora 1993.

O emigrantech a jine zvirene...

8. července 2012 v 4:45 | Ross Hedvicek |  Clanky vzpominkove a recyklovane
Tohle je z Polygonu ze zacatku devadesatych let. Pak tam prijali Krystlika a ten casopis znicil.

Second opinion...

8. července 2012 v 4:35 | Ross Hedvicek |  Clanky vzpominkove a recyklovane
Tohle byla moje rubrika v kanadskych novinach The Record, kde jsem byl jednou tydne trpen - tohle je priklad ze zacatku devadesatych let, snadno datovatelne, bylo to za kratinke vlady Kim Campbell...

Pomej... tak to me vomej...

8. července 2012 v 4:06 | Pomej |  Clanky jinych autoru


8. července 2012 v 4:01 | Radka |  Clanky jinych autoru

Jak jsem se obcansky zapojoval...

8. července 2012 v 3:55 | Ross Hedvicek |  Clanky vzpominkove a recyklovane
Nekdy koncem osmdesatych let jsem se v Kanade zacal "obcansky zapojovat" a zacal jsem psat napred "dopisy editorovi" a kdyz uz to presahovalo unosnou miru, tak mi pridelili v tech novinach vlastni rubriku, kde jsem mohl dstit ohen a siru na co mne zrovna napadlo. Ale zacalo to timhle:

Po tohle "dopisu editorovi" jsem si poprve vyzkousel "hnev ctenaru" - a nebyli to zadni Cesi nebo Vankove/Wernerove, ale regulerni Kanadani. Dodnes tvrdim, ze Kanada je ve srovnani s USA velice snobskou a casto pokrytecky neprijemnou zemi. Ameriku miluju, v Kanade jsem parkrat valil oci... No reakce to vzbudilo. I spolu-studentky se ozvaly...


7. července 2012 v 5:09 Clanky osvetove
Dostal jsem dopis od Jiriho Vanka. Co z cloveka dokaze udelat alkohol, to jiste vite. Zde mate dukaz, co z cloveka dokaze udelat psychicka nemoc (paranoia querulans) zkombinovana s marihuanou. A kopii jeho emailu poslal (velmi vycurane) i do ATF (alcohol, tobacco and firearms). Ano, protrely fizl a udavac, ano. Ovsem nasledkem ubytku jeho mozkovych bunek (to zpusobuje ta marihuana) to poslal do oddeleni pro kontrolu alkoholu :-). Moje odpoved je pod jeho emailem.

Mr. Ross Hedvicek

I'm asking you take off from Web any article written by You where is
mentioned my Name Jiri Vanek or George Vanek, any name or pictures of
my relatives and videos with unauthorized photos from my family album
used on YouTube channel or another video channel.

Few of Yours articles
(Any article containing name Jiri Vanek, George Vanek)

Any video from yours channel:

In the case you don't do it in next 24 hours I will lodge Court Libel again You

Jiri George Vanek
9/86 Bowman st
2009 Sydney

A zde je moje odpoved:

RE: Cheekiness

Jiri George Vanek
9/86 Bowman st
2009 Sydney

Thank you for your barely literate email and for copying it to people who do not know WTF you are talking about. I gladly concede with due respect to your cheekiness, insolence, impertinence, freshness, gall and supplied proofs of your clinical paranoia querulans. I will be removing the above-mentioned articles very soon. I just would like to remind that according to dates on the internet, you posted your humoristic video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o0hqgaFt7ZY on June 10, 2012, while I did it on June 11, 2012 see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v6PE0knq3Jg - therefore you started this contest.

When it comes to photos, all were obtained legally, from public domain or Facebook or Photobucket, where it was publicly available and unsecured. Please let somebody with more than a room temperature IQ explain you that by posting photos on Facebook or Photobucket, you are releasing them to public domain and you are forfeiting your rights to them.

Let me also remind you that attempting to cause trouble for my daughter, an Assistant State Attorney, by contacting people she is/was prosecuting you are engaging in conspiracy against a public official and that is a felony. You also made several false accusations regarding me "smuggling weapons" in attempt to unchain the ATF or FBI on me, as you have falsely done in the past. Let me remind you that in the U.S. we can legally own firearms - it is known as the "Second Amendment".

You are also commiting acts of STALKING and HARRASSMENT - you created or co-created several hate pages directed at me, my family and friends. You illegally obtained old police files, which the communist secret police (the StB) kept on me in then Czechoslovakia. You then published them in several places and websites, again in hopes that it will "embarrass" me. It did not, as I was a victim of communist terror, not a collaborator in it, but contained in the documents you published was the personal data and addresses of my still living family and friends, which is against all rules and standards of civilized behavior and etiquette. You run several "discussion forums" where the sole purpose is attacking me and exchanging new ideas how to harass me and my family and friends.

Therefore I am asking you to remove any article, website or video, where my name, name of my family or friends or likeness is published, here is a few examples:

http://czech-bohemia.blogspot.com.au/ - one big hate page against me
http://krystlik.blog.cz - nothing but defamation of me, written by you
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v211/vanek/blog/importsamopalu.jpg?t=1341395826 - picture of my legally owned weapon
http://www.night.cz/hedvicek/1956-1986/ - hate page created by you, with use of personal information
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o0hqgaFt7ZY - hate video created and posted by you
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQ6HGYyPnOM&feature=related - ditto under different pseudonym
http://www.anticomm.co.uk/?p=3392 - illegal publishing of my personal information by you

or legal actions will be taken against you by Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, Locked Bag A8, Sydney South NSW 1232 which will be retained for this purpose. As I am civilized man, I will not ask for your public flogging, which you for your cheekiness certainly deserve.


Ross Hedvicek

Byl Masaryk vubec Cech?

6. července 2012 v 20:14 | Ross Hedvicek |  Clanky osvetove
Coby reakci na muj clanek "Byl Masaryk proti-cesky?" mne muj dlouholety pritel, profesor Oldrich Kyn z Boston University obdaril radou odkazu, ktere dale dloubaji v mnou pocatem tematu. Mistnim nacionalistum se omlouvam za casti textu, ktere jsou psany v anglictine. Pokud se nechcete zdrzovat ctenim, ci jsou-li snad cizi jazyky nad vase schopnosti - kratky cesky vycuc je nasledujici: Masaryk byl zidovsko-nemeckeho puvodu, tedy ani vzdalene ne Cech ci Moravan, nebo dokonce Slovak. Cesky se opravdu naucil az pocatkem dospelosti (jak se tady kterysi vlastenec pohorsene divil) a dle tvrzeni pametniku mluvil az do smrti cesky se silnym nemeckym prizvukem.

Profesor Kyn napsal nasledujici: Many of Hausner's statements are wrong and I do not agree with his conclusions, but I would not call him idiot and certainly he is not semiliterate. His main point is that the break of Austro-Hungarian empire was wrong and if it was not for Masaryk it would not happen, Austria together with Germany could have brought European Union many decades erlier and could have prevented the WWII. According to Hausner Masaryk influenced Wilson to enter in WWI which lead to the known results. Even worsen Hausner claims that Masaryk was in fact German and that he betrayed the 3 millions Germans that lived in Bohemia and Moravia.

Here is what Hausner wrote about Masaryk:

" His mother was the daughter of a German Gastwirt (innkeeper) in the old German Town of Auspitz, Moravia. She went to Vienna for a short time and then became the cook of a very wealthy family - the Redlich's - a Jewish family whose language was German. His legal father was an illiterate Hungarian Slovak by the name of Joseph Masarik. It was generally accepted, that his biological father was Mr. Redlich. This was rather common, not just in wealthy Jewish families, that young women, who kept the household, also served as mistresses or concubines. After she was pregnant for a few months, she married a much younger illiterate coachman at the Redlich estate, to establish a legitimate family. They married August 15, 1849, however, Thomas was born on March 7, 1850. It was a little kept secret that the biological father was Nathan Redlich, who had from his own marriage three sons, all of whom became well to do. Since Masaryk's mother was German and the Redlich family spoke German, Thomas grew up with the German language. He, in his later years, spoke very highly of his mother, who gave him everything, but he rarely mentioned his legal father or his brothers, or perhaps stepbrothers is a better term.

Nathan Redlich was generous to Thomas Masaryk and it is well known, that his attorney. Dr. Alois Prazak of Brunn (Brno) paid frequent amounts to the Masaryk family for the education of Thomas. When Thomas entered elementary school, he studied in German. Later, at the high school in Brunn (Brno), these studies, as well as his university studies in Vienna and Leipzig, were in German. As late as 1879, his colleague Penicek had to translate for Masaryk his positions into the Czech language. He spoke Czech with a strong German accent until his death. Yet, he became a fanatical Czech nationalist, hating the Habsburgs and perhaps due to that, everything German, especially the Catholic church.

Later, when Masaryk created Czechoslovakia, many Sudeten Germans hoped and believed he would be friendly to them because of his heritage. It is true, that Masaryk recognized that the Bohemian Germans or the Sudeten Germans were economically and culturally more advanced than the Czechs. "

Dale profesor Kyn pokracuje v cestine: Kdyby nebylo Masaryka, nebyly by vytvoreny Ceske legie (v Rusku a Italii), ktere prispely dosti vyznamne v boji proti Rakousku a Nemecku.

Take by asi USA nevstoupily do prvni svetove valky, protoze je znamo, ze Wilson byl puvodne proti tomu a ze to byl prave Masaryk, ktery ho primel ke zmene nazoru. Kdyby USA neprispely k WWI tak by mozna Nemecko a Rakousko neprohraly a nedoslo by tedy k tomu hlubokemu hospodarskemu upadku a fantasticke inflaci v povalecnem Nemecku. Je docela mozne, ze za takove situace by se Hitlerovi nepodarilo ziskat moc a privest Nemecko k Nacismu a druhe svetove valce.

Doufam, ze na rozdil od mistiho pseudocisare chapete, ze toto nejsou moje nazory nybrz nazory Sudetskeho Nemce Karla Hausnera. Na rozdil od nej si nedovedu predstavit, ze by Masaryk neexistoval (s vyjimkou situace kdyby se mu nepodarilo emigrovat, nebo byl unesen zpet do Rakouska, protoze byl rakouskym soudem odsouzen ke smrti). Vime take, ze Masaryk byl jen jednim z mnoha representantu a organizatoru ceskeho naroda a navic podobna nespokojenost se vyvinula take v jinych narodech, ktere byly Rakusany potlacovany, takze i bez Masaryka by mohlo dojit k rozpadu Rakouska-Uherska.

Tolik profesor Kyn, aby bylo jasne kdo rekl co a abych nebyl obvinovan, ze kradu nekomu citaty (mam svych vlastnich citatu dost).

Sam za sebe bych rad dodal, ze dokud nebudou ti tak typicti cesti narodovecti soviniste (pokud chcete priklady, prectete si komentare pod mymi clanky od vsech tech vlasteneckych anonymu) pravidelne mlaceni mokrym hadrem pres ty jejich nevymachane drzky, dotud bude soucasna Ceska republika jen velmi obtizne hledat sve misto v Evrope a byt jen "evropske" civilizaci vubec. O svetove civilizaci ani nemluve.
Diskuse pod clankem nejsou povoleny, protoze mne nazory anonymu nezajimaji a ti, kteri se neboji podepsat jsou schopni mi napsat na muj email.