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23. dubna 2013 v 20:47
Citat: "V roce 1964 jsme měli prsty v rozpoutání masového vraždění v Indonésii s půl milionem až milionem mrtvých." - Premysl Janyr

John Barron

In practising what it calls disinformation, the Soviet union has for years sponsored grand deceptions calculated to mislead, confound, or inflame foreign opinion. Some of these subterfuges have had a considerable impact on world affairs. Some also have had unforeseeable consequences severely detrimental to Soviet interests. Ultimately, they have made the Soviet Union the victim of its own deceit...

With KGB approval and support, the Czech STB in the autumn of 1964 initiated a vast deception campaign to arouse Indonesian passions against the United States. Through an Indonesian ambassador they had compromised with female agents, the Czechs purveyed to President Sukarno a series of forged documents and fictitious reports conjuring up CIA plots against him. One forgery suggested that the CIA planned to assassinate Sukarno; another 'revealed' a joint American-British plan to invade Indonesia from Malaysia. The unstable Sukarno responded with anti-American diatribes, which some Indonesian journalists in the pay of the KGB and STB amplified and Radio Moscow played back to the Indonesian people. Incited mobs besieged American offices in Djakarta, anti-American hysteria raged throughout the country, and US influence was eradicated. The former STB deception specialist Ladislav Bittman has written a history and analysis of the operation in which he participated. He states, 'We ourselves were surprised by the monstrous proportions to which the provocation grew.'

This brilliant tactical success, however, ended in a débâcle. Bittman notes: 'Czechoslovak and Soviet disinformation departments, intoxicated by potential gains in the battle against the main enemy, deliberately shut their eyes to the danger that the consequences could also be the heightening of internal tension and intensification of Chinese influence in the country.' Encouraged by the increasingly influential Chinese and misled by the climate the Czechs and Russians had created, Indonesian communists concluded that the time was propitious for a coup. The night of September 30, 1965, they murdered six Indonesian generals and attempted to seize the government. The Indonesian military reacted by slaughtering tens of thousands of communists and annihilating the Party, then one of the largest in the world. Indonesia, which seemed destined to slip irretrievably into the communist orbit, emerged as an independent nation with a strong government determined to retain its independence.

Despite such fiascos, Soviet rulers have shown no disposition to abandon organized deception as an instrument of national policy. The practice is another legacy of Lenin embedded in Soviet custom. Just as Lenin admired terror, he extolled the 'poisoned weapons' of deceit, duplicity, and slander. He wrote:
'The communists must be prepared to make every sacrifice and, if necessary, even resort to all sorts of cunning schemes and stratagems, to employ illegal methods, to evade and conceal the truth... The practical part of communist policy is to incite one [enemy] against another... We communists must use one country against another.. My words were calculated to evoke hatred, aversion, and contempt... not to convince but to break up the ranks of the opponent, not to correct an opponent's mistake but to destroy him, to wipe his organization off the face of the earth. This formulation is indeed of such a nature as to evoke the worst thoughts, the worst suspicions about the opponent.'
Out of these 'Principles of Leninism' the contemporary Soviet concept of Dezinformatsiya, or disinformation, has evolved. The Russians define disinformation as 'the dissemination of false and provocative information.' As practised by the KGB, disinformation is far more complex than the definition implies. It entails the distribution of forged or fabricated documents, letters, manuscripts, and photographs; the propagation of misleading or malicious rumours and erroneous intelligence by agents; the duping of visitors to the Soviet Union; and physical acts committed for psychological effect. These techniques are used variously to influence policies of foreign governments, disrupt relations among other nations, undermine the confidence of foreign populations in their leaders and institutions, discredit individuals and groups opposed to Soviet policies, deceive foreigners about Soviet intentions and conditions within the Soviet Union, and, at times, simply to obscure depredations and blunders of the KGB itself.

Disinformation operations differ from conventional propaganda in that their true origins are concealed, and they usually involve some form of clandestine action. For this reason, Soviet rulers always have charged their clandestine apparatus with primary responsibility for disinformation.

The Cheka and each of its organizational descendants had a 'Disinformation Desk' until reorganization of the KGB in 1959 produced a full-fledged Disinformation Department known as Department D of the First Chief Directorate. The first director was General Ivan Ivanovich Agayants, a tall aloof Armenian with grizzled hair and a thin gray mustache. Ascetic and solemn, Agayants combined personal puritanism with a penchant for professional ruthlessness. He gathered a staff of some fifty officers at the Centre and stationed another fifteen to twenty at the KGB's Karlshorst Residency in East Berlin. Additionally, he received authorization to engage scientists, technical specialists, and military officers as consultants whenever needed. After the death of Agayants and another reorganization in 1968, the Disinformation Department became Department A, acquiring more stature in the Foreign Directorate bureaucracy and, reportedly, more personnel.

Occasionally Disinformation Department officers travel abroad to participate in operations. Agayants slipped into Sweden in 1963 and Pakistan in 1965. He also went to Indonesia in 1965 and periodically visited Eastern Europe to inspect satellite disinformation departments. His deputy, Sergei Aleksandrovich Kondrashev, travelled to Bonn in 1966 hunting material for slandering West German political leaders. Another Disinformation Department Officer, Yuri Ivanovich Lyudin, using the alias Yuri Ivanovich Modin, spent ten months in New Delhi preparing the forgeries that the KGB released to influence the 1967 Indian elections. A few disinformation officers, such as Vladimir Aleksandrovich Chuchukin, a first secretary of the Soviet UN mission in New York, are permanently stationed abroad. However, for most field work abroad, Department A relies upon officers and agents from the First Chief Directorate's geographic divisions. It also may avail itself of saboteurs from Department V or bona fide Soviet diplomats who at times are employed to plant rumours, wittingly or unwittingly.

John Barron, KGB, Hodder & Stoughton, 1974. In The Penguin Book of Lies, pp. 420-423

Asi se ptate, co s tim ma Dienstbier? Ne ten mlady trouba, ale jeho otec, Havluv kamos a superkomunista jako prase. Jiri Dienstbier byl hlavnim organizatorem indoneskych udalosti a nese primou i neprimou odpovednost za temer milion mrtvych. On sam o svych zaluhach cudne mlci a vzdy mlcel - i kdyz jste si ho vy blbci malem zvolili prezidentem.

Ladislav Bittman

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1 Paul Paul | E-mail | 24. dubna 2013 v 0:12

Jake svinstvo nadelali komunisti je zname. To je minulost.
Svintsvo, ktere provozuje Americky fasisticky rezim je pritomnost.
Komunisti chteli "sirit kmunismus"
a Americani siri "demokracii.
Doplaci na to miliony zbitych lidi.
Jaky je v tom fucking rozdil???????

2 Pro Paul - jaky je v tom rozdil? Pro Paul - jaky je v tom rozdil? | 24. dubna 2013 v 7:36

Vazeny soudruhu - jako kazdy cesky moralne slepy zaslepenec nevidite rozdil mezi dvema rozdilnymi chapani dobra a zla. Komunismus je amoralni zlo. Pojeti demokracie zapadniho stylu je opakem. Zrejme nechapete rozdil mezi temito dvema ideologiemi. Vase uzivani vulgarnich slov jenom nasvedcuje tomu ze jste pouze vzdelany v komunisticke ideologii ktera vam strasi v hlave. Podle vas co je americke je zle a na urovni leninovych vrahu milionu lidi kteri zahynuli v Gulagu - to je to co byste si pral na celem svete?

3 Karel Hronec Karel Hronec | E-mail | 24. dubna 2013 v 8:02

Bitman je ten potapěč z Čertova jezera,tomu se dá věřit a starej Dientsbier toho přece vypověděli z USA jako nežádoucího...

4 děda děda | E-mail | 24. dubna 2013 v 10:27

Není mi sice moc jasné, jak mohl osmadvacetiletý novináříček Dienstbier přispět k teroru v Indonézii, to ale nic nemění na tom, že to byl bolševický zmrd, byť ne dost chytrý na to, aby si v osmašedesátém zvolil "správnou" stranu. A jeho syna čuráčí hlavu jsem nevolil.

5 Franta Kopecky Franta Kopecky | E-mail | 24. dubna 2013 v 13:37

Paul : Vy komunisti neumite nebo nechcete domyslet veci do konce. Dam vam priklad : Lidska bestie (při konani zlocinu) rozpara cloveka a zabije ho - Doktor rozpara (při operaci) cloveka....a zabije ho. Kde je rozdil ? Minimalne v pohnutkách. Ale na pochopeni tohoto jak vidno musí byt vyssi IQ. Tvrdit ze USA postupuji stejne jako komunisticky (ci nacisticky) zlocinci ....muze jen nemyslici idiot nebo komunisticky ci nacisticky zlocinec. Konecne .....bombardovani za valky ,,nevinných,, Nemeckych mest ....rovněž je Nacisty Americanum vycitano. A znovu. Když reknu ,,A,, jak zni prosim ,,B,, ? Meli si jit pred Hitlera kleknout a prosit o zastaveni valky? Ale takovy hlupaci jako vy rekne : Hitler i USA se chovali stejne : Zabijeli nevinne. Taky to tak citite ? V takovem pripade mate poskozene vnimani reality.

6 Paul Paul | E-mail | 24. dubna 2013 v 20:41

Tak cest praci soudruhu, kdyz uz jsme v te soudruzske debate. Nemate absolutne poneti o cem hovorite. Mozna by jste si potreboval neco precist o historii a vubec jak se vlastne veci maji. Ja myslim tu pravdivou historii, ne tu ze skolskych ucebnic. Potom se muzeme o tom rozume pobavit. Ziji za velkou louzi pres 30 let a tak bych snad mohl neco vedet o te zapadni demokracii. Divat se veci z dalky a nebo z "rychliku" a pak to odborne posoudit je velice najivne jednoduche.
Tak cest praci soudruhu.[2]:

7 Pro Paula Pro Paula | 25. dubna 2013 v 1:35

[6]: Lide kteri soudruzsky debatuji jako vy vzdy obvinuji a urazi jine protoze nemaji zadne argumenty. Neradte nikomu co ma delat nebo co cist kdyz nevite s kym se bavite. Pro vasi informaci ziji "za velkou louzi" o dvacet let dele nez vy. Bohuzel vase pojeti sveta je typicky ceske. O "pravdive historii" je zbytecne se s vami bavit kdyz sam nevite co to je. Vypada to tak ze mate znalosti DELDOPa.

8 gg gg | 25. dubna 2013 v 12:34

[6]:"Ziji za velkou louzi pres 30 let" - to asi zijete budto na Kube a nebo ve Venezuela?

9 Ross Hedvicek Ross Hedvicek | E-mail | Web | 25. dubna 2013 v 12:38

Potvrzuji, ze Paul zije "za velkou louzi" pres 30 let. Ale zije v Kanade, coz je tedy velmi podobne te Kube nebo Venezuele - lid i vlada je vseobecne nenavistny vuci Spojenym statum. Vim o cem mluvim, sam jsem zil v Kanade 10 let.

10 N.O' Hara N.O' Hara | E-mail | 25. dubna 2013 v 13:39

Pane Hedvicek v Kanade neni tezke si koupit letenku a odstehovat se do USA.Zil jste v Kanade deset let a ja zde ziji skoro 35. Paul si muze take najit misto kde bude 100% spokojeny.Kanada ho nedrzi.
Srovnavat Kanadu s Kubou nemohu ja tam nikdy na dovolene nebyl.Rozhodne jsem se nesetkal s nejakou nenavisti k USA ze strany kanadanu snad jenom rivalita ve sportu.Ja vseobecne obdivuji USA ale Kanadu povazuji za svuj milovany domov i s temi chybami ktere i vy kritizujete.


11 Vazeny gg Vazeny gg | 25. dubna 2013 v 14:26

[8]: Od roku 1968 uplynulo 45 let kdy jsem opustil socialisticky raj. Debatovat s lidmi zvlastniho razeni povazuji za ztratu casu. Pana Hedvicka obdivuji pro jeho nazory a odvahu je verejne pronest. Rovnez ze ma trpelivost a snasenlivost nechat zde lidi debatovat v mezich slusnosti pokud neurazi jine v debate.

12 Paul Paul | E-mail | 25. dubna 2013 v 19:12

Moje reakce tomu chytremu a studovanemu panovi co tady zije o dvacet let dele.

Az se prestanete divat na CNN a cist oficialni novinove zpravy a zacnete premyslet svym vlastnim mozeckem, tak potom se muzeme mozna pustit do rozumne debaty o tom, jak se veci opravdu maji.
Vy jste mne zacal svym vysplechem urazet prvni a to opravdu svedci o vasi ohromne inteligenci. Vy jste jeden z toho stada volu, kteri tleskaji (tak jako komunisti na sjezdech strany) pri kazde prilezitosti, kdyz si Amerika usmysli, ze napadne dalsi maly stat, ktery se nemuze branit a povrazdi stovky tisic lidi pod zaminkou sireni demokracie. Znici infrastrukturu te zeme, nastoli svoji loutkovou vladu, WMF ji zadluzi az po usi a Americka vlada posle svoje korporatni kamarady na prestavbu infrastruktury. To je ta demokracie o ktere vy pitomce chcete mluvit? Vy jste se jeste od 68 nepobudil ze sna. Zijete stale v Alenky risi divu. Na teto platforme se mnou nemate sanci diskutovat, a ja nemam naladu presvedcovat lidi bez vlastniho usudku. Ctete dal oficialni teze a zpravy  a bezte na namesti tleskat agresorum. Za nedlouho Americani budou bombardovat Syrii. Uz si nasli zaminku - chemicke zbrane. Tak jako v Iraku- zadne se nenasly. Jste proste ubozak. Je me vas opravdu lito.

13 FK FK | E-mail | 25. dubna 2013 v 21:08

Osobne jsem presvedcen ze bombardovat muslimaky kdekoliv na planete je jen a jen v poradku.
Cela syrie je komunisticko arabacka pakaz a jestli tam USA vleti tak jenom dobre.
Takze Paule placete dobre ale na spatnem hrobe. Jak nekdo vtipne rekl.

14 Paul Paul | E-mail | 26. dubna 2013 v 0:01

Ja kazdopadne neplacu pro muslimy. Tech je plno v Evrope a tady taky. Ja jenom nenavidim to hypokritickou a falesnou politiku a lzivou propaganda. Vy vsichni si myslitye, ze jenom komunisti nam lhali do oci a tito svatouskove mluvi pravdu. Udeljte si troche pruzkum jak se delaji tzv. "live" zpravy s Hollywoodskou technikou (s modrou stenou v pozadi). Tak jak rikam, panove, jste hodne pozadu s vedomosmi. Ale ja vas neminm obracet na jinou viru.
Mozna, ze to poznate na vlastni kuzi. Dlouho to trvat nebude. A taky si neco prectete o menicich se zakonech v Americe. A te budouci svobode mam sve pochybnosti. Tim koncim, nemam zajem se dal bavit s lidmi, kteri maji klapky na ocich a mysli si, ze jsou nejchytrejsi.
Snete dal. Good luck.

15 jkorcak jkorcak | E-mail | Web | 26. dubna 2013 v 0:45

[13]: Jestli tam USA vletí, tak nikoliv dobře pro USA. Opravdu nechápu, proč si má USA pokaždé všechno vyžrat za všechny. Jestli chcete někam vletět, vleťte si tam sám. Ale upozorňuji vás, že všude žijí lidé, a i když je to pakáž, mají právo na to, aby se jim vaše jednání nelíbilo. Přestože vám to, co reprodukujete, může připadat vtipné. Tu scénku okresního formátu, ze které pochází hrob, o kterém se zmiňujete, znám moc dobře. Je výborná, i když je malá česká. Není to ale o USA a v tomto kontextu se nevyjímá právě dobře.

16 Paule Paule | 26. dubna 2013 v 2:51

[12]: Kdyz tak nenavidite ty imperialisticke Americany proc tady vubec zijete? Bezte zpatky to Ceska nebo do Ruska - bude vam tam lepe!

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