Naiveté and Progressive PC Are Not An Effective Shields Against Islam

29. dubna 2013 v 23:31 |  Clanky jinych autoru

If 9/11/2001 did not wake America up to the realities of unchecked Islamist objectives, and it did not, then it will take a nuke in New York to create a "Pearl Harbor" firm grasp of the obvious in America.

Even then, I fear the administration and its agenda driven progressive backers would still try to blame it on Bush while reading Miranda rights to the surviving terrorists caught red-handled


There is one common denominator for all the terrorism in the world which is linked by an invincible bond. That common denominator is "Islam."
Please spare me the caveats about "not all Muslims are terrorists" because it doesn't matter. All terrorists, with rare exception, are Muslims. That's what matters.
I write this article as law enforcement is surrounding a neighborhood in search of a second subject in the Boston bombings. The two suspects have been identified. Interesting to note that all television news channels continually refer to them as young men, immigrants, Chechnyans and every other description, carefully omitting the term "Muslim" or "Islam" so we don't offend the religion of peace.
So we don't offend? Are you kidding me?
I have got news for Muslims. You are not the only people capable of being offended.
I'm offended by the audacity of brutally murdering people at random in a U.S. city, maiming and injuring hundreds. I'm offended that "peaceful" Muslims in other countries celebrated and partied at the news that Islamists have again killed Americans at random.
It offends me that Jihad Muslim web sites applaud and celebrate the killings andmaimings of Americans by Islamists.
I'm offended by the numerous acts of Islamic terror against this country, here and a broad, since Lebanese Muslims bombed the Marine barracks in Lebanon in 1983 killing 241 Marines. Add to that, the plane bombing at Lockerbie, Scotland, the first World Trade Center bombing, U.S. military headquarters in Saudi Arabia, U.S. Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, the USS Cole in Yemen, then 9/11 in 2001. The death toll continues, by the religion of peace who celebrate the killing of Americans.
The underwear bomber, the shoe bomber, the Times Square Bomber, and much more all have one common denominator: Islam
I'm equally offended that we are constantly on alert throughout all our transportation venues, costing us billions in security systems throughout the world, all because of the constant threat of Islamic terror.
I am offended that the mass murder at Ft.Hood in 2009, where a radical Muslim officer shouted Allah Akbar as he shot 41 people, killing 13, is referred to by our president as "work place violence." I'm offended that he has still not been tried and punished in nearly four years, not to mention he continues to receive his military pay while awaiting trial.
I'm offended by the world of Islam taking offense to a stupid caricature made by a Denmark cartoonist, thereby punishing thousands around the world with violence, killing many innocents. That offends me.
It offends me that a movie maker would be murdered in the streets of Amsterdam for exercising his right to free speech.
It offends me that our administration has given orders to federal law enforcement and military training not to associate terror with Islam.
The website Religion of Peace has noted that in the past 30 days, Islamists worldwide have committed 205 acts of terrorism resulting in 1,008 killed and 2,027 wounded. Since the first of the year there have been 500 attacks which have killed 2,807 individuals and wounded 4,533 worldwide. Since 9/11/2001, Islamists worldwide have carried out 20,270 acts of terror, in England, France, Spain, Somalia, Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Germany, Iraq, Lebanon, Israel, United States…you get the point.
Yet, the media is so careful that we don't offend Muslims. And our highly defensive president continually tells us we are not at war with Islam.
Sorry, Muslims are offending Americans, big time. Not only the killers, but those who support them. And there are two ways to support them, directly and indirectly.
The Muslim community who - rather than speak out in outrage - does nothing to put a stop to it all. Rather, they protect and defend all Muslims in general, and fire back indignantly by name-calling people like me "bigots" "racists." Then, the media jumps on the bandwagon. Result: The good guys look bad; The bad guys look good.
The common demoninator for all terror in the world remains: Islam.
The information we have available as this is written, is that the two known Boston Marathon bombers are Chechnyans. Chechnya is an Islamist dominated country that once was a part of the Soviet Union. They come from the same region that is causing havoc in Moscow and other places in Russia with untold acts of terror…too many to list in this blog. They are dedicated Islamists who hate America.
They are Muslims.
Don't think for a minute they acted totally alone.
This segment from a new post by Debbie Schlussel, who digs up much more than the NY Times would ever tell you.
Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the 26 year-old brother of the second Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, had a YouTube page where he posted religious videos, including a video of Feiz Mohammad, a fundamentalist Australian Muslim preacher who rails against the evils of Harry Potter. Among those videos is one dedicated to the prophecy of the Black Banners of Khurasan which is embraced by Islamic extremists-particularly Al Qaeda. The videos posted on what appears to be Tsarnaev's YouTube page may shed light on the motivations for the attack on the Boston Marathon
For a full article by Debbie Schlussel, here's the link:
How long are we going to stay stupid?
Answer: Until we look back and say, "All the signs were there, we just didn't read them."

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1 Vaclav Kral Vaclav Kral | 30. dubna 2013 v 1:42 | Reagovat

Kazde slovo z toho videa by melo byt vytesano zlatym pismem.

2 ARIJANA ARIJANA | E-mail | 30. dubna 2013 v 2:02 | Reagovat

Ja vim :-)

3 Rudy Rudy | E-mail | 30. dubna 2013 v 3:33 | Reagovat

Kolik milionu nebo spise miliard dostavaji treba jen Palestinci od Ameriky, Kanady a EU kazdy rok?   A proc?   Za co?   My, bili debilove si platime profesionalni teroristy, kteri se uz nemohou dockat, az nas oddelaji, ale kdo je potom bude zivit?  Vzdyt oni krome terorismu nic neumi!

4 Zápaďák Zápaďák | E-mail | 30. dubna 2013 v 4:20 | Reagovat

Diky Rosto za zverejneni clanku. Soudkyni Jeanine jsem videl vcera na FNC. Clanek i soudkyne mi mluvi ze srdce. Pouze dodam, Amen!
Islamisti jsou nejen svine a bestie, ale skety. Noseji masky, schovavaji se za zenami a detmi, nebo v nauseam.
Byl jsem totiz  s nasim volejbalovym tymem (hrali jsme ve "CH" narodni lize za LU) v '72 na Olympiade v Mnichove a castecne videl druhy utok na izraelske sportovce. Volejbalova hala Uni Muenchen je totiz za dalnici mimo areal a hned vedle koleje, kde byli atleti ubytovani. To jsme 1. videli tu svoloc v maskach s Uzi v paratech. Nemecti byrokrati to pak pekne na letisti pojebali. Najdete si to, vybouchle helikoptery, no masakr.
Od te doby jsem vuci nim nesmiritelny. Jediny dialog s nima jsou 'daisy cutters.'

5 Vlastik Vlastik | 30. dubna 2013 v 5:02 | Reagovat

S tema moslimama se to uz tahne uz od stredoveku. Dokud budou mit Koran, tak s nema bude vzdycky problem. To neni zadna "religious of peace", ale teroru. Ta jejich vira se musi potlacit a na misto toho jim dat krestanstvi a snad potom bude mozne s nimi zit v miru.Jinak si to nedovedu predstavit.

6 Pavel Pavel | 1. května 2013 v 16:11 | Reagovat

je skvela, kazdou nedeli ji radi sledujeme....melo by se to ucit ve skolach....konecne take nekdo rika pravdu, neprijemenou nepopuparni,a le pravdu, muslimove nas mohou klidne nenavidet, ale at zustanou doma...., je treba ten primitivni "humus" zastavit, dokud je cas...a uz je ho sakra malo.....s presidentem, co tu ted mame, je to ale na dalsi 4 roky spise utopie....

7 Josef Pepa Nos Josef Pepa Nos | E-mail | Web | 3. května 2013 v 17:20 | Reagovat

Islam neodvratitelne smeruje k naprostemu zniceni, odstraneni, likvidaci.


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