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Anti-amerikanismus mne sere!

6. prosince 2013 v 15:22 | Drifter |  Clanky jinych autoru
Jeste jsem nevidel zadnou pomoc soudruha Putina a Ciny.

This is onboard one of the US Air Force's C-17 on one of the evacuation trips from Tacloban to Manila

Kdo je tady blazen?

5. prosince 2013 v 22:19 | Ross Hedvicek |  Clanky osvetove
Je to asi tyden, co mne kdosi chtel poucovat (kvuli memu clanku ), ze nerozumim, co jsou dnes Nemci zac a jak jsem "mimo" (jsem moc rad ze jsem mimo, kdekoliv v Evrope slapnu tak mam pocit, ze slapu po pude zkropene krvi mych predku) a ted se tu docitam, ze mesto Norimberk utrati 90 milionu dolaru na renovaci tribuny, ze ktere recnil Hitler. Kdo je tady potom blazen? Ja nebo vy?

No Tears for Lynne Stewart

5. prosince 2013 v 15:14 | Michelle Malkin |  Clanky jinych autoru
APRIL 10, 2013 12:00 AM

No Tears for Lynne Stewart
Don't release her from jail.
By Michelle Malkin

The jihadists' favorite American lawyer, Lynne Stewart, reportedly has Stage 4 breast cancer. Her radical friends - ranging from the "Party of Socialism and Liberation" and "Workers World" to Pete Seeger, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, and convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal - want her freed from jail. There's only one decent response to the Lynne Stewart Fan Club's criminal-coddling demand:

No, hell, no.

The way the bleeding hearts tell it, this harmless grandma got thrown in the slammer by Big Bad Bush merely because she was "distributing press releases on behalf of her jailed client, Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman." Oh, the outrageous inhumanity! How could America the Cruel do this to an innocent little old lady serving the cause of "social justice"? How can they just let her suffer and perish behind bars? All she did was "distribute press releases."
Sixties leftover agitator Dick Gregory is now on a hunger strike until the feds order the "compassionate release" of the Left's sweetheart "political prisoner" and she "receives medical treatment in the care of her family and with physicians of her choice." He and Stewart's apologists claim she was prosecuted "to intimidate the entire legal community so that few would dare to defend political clients whom the state demonizes and none would provide a vigorous defense."

Spare me the prog-lodyte pathos. Allow me to smash the world's smallest violin to bits. Lynne Stewart is no martyr, no heroine. She's a menace to peace-loving society who illegally conspired with killers. And there's a very good reason her client was demonized. He is a demon.

Refresher course for the clueless: Stewart was convicted in 2005 of helping terrorist Rahman - the blood-stained Blind Sheikh - smuggle coded messages of Islamic violence to outside followers in violation of an explicit pledge to abide by her client's court-ordered isolation.

Rahman, Stewart's "political client," had called on Muslims to "destroy" the West, "burn their companies, eliminate their interests, sink their ships, shoot down their planes, kill them on the sea, air or land." He issued bloody fatwas against U.S. "infidels" that inspired the 1993 WTC bombing, the 1997 massacre of Western tourists in Luxor, Egypt, and the 9/11 attacks.

Defying a judge's communications ban, Stewart ferried messages to the Blind Sheikh from fellow jihadist Rifa'l Ahman Tara urging him to support a new wave of Islamic violence in Egypt - and then smuggled out a coded order to his followers lifting a ceasefire between his terrorist group and the Egyptian government. Stewart personally delivered one of the messages to a Reuters reporter.

The Middle East Quarterly also described how Stewart created "covering noises" for the Blind Sheikh's translator to evade the communications ban: "On some surveillance videos, Stewart could be seen shaking a water jar or tapping on the table while [the translator] and the sheikh exchanged communications that were then later disseminated to the sheikh's followers."

After receiving an initial paltry sentence of 28 months for abetting terrorism, the disbarred civil-rights attorney was resentenced to ten years in the slammer. A federal panel of judges excoriated her for her sickening arrogance. "From the moment she committed the first act for which she was convicted, through her trial, sentencing and appeals," Judge Robert Sack of the Second Circuit Court of Appeals wrote, "Stewart has persisted in exhibiting what seems to be a stark inability to understand the seriousness of her crimes."

Stewart failed to understand "the breadth and depth of the danger in which" her crimes had "placed the lives and safety of unknown innocents, and the extent to which they constituted an abuse of her trust and privilege as a member of the bar," the panel found.

This case remains a shining example of just how dangerous it is for America to give foreign-born jihadists the full panoply of American constitutional rights and all the attendant benefits of a civilian trial. Stewart's treacherous collaboration with the Blind Sheikh endangered - and cost - innocent lives.

Stewart remains unrepentant. She called 9/11 an "armed struggle." Upon her initial sentencing, she boasted that she could serve the term "standing on her head." After she was convicted of aiding and abetting Rahman, she told an interviewer she "would do it again."

Now she wants mercy, medical comforts, and freedom? No, hell, no. This messenger gal for murderous barbarians made her prison bed. Die in it.

- Michelle Malkin is the author of Culture of Corruption: Obama and His Team of Tax Cheats, Crooks & Cronies. Her e-mail address is © 2013

Vlastimil (Mila) Smajstr

3. prosince 2013 v 20:48 Clanky jinych autoru
OBITUARY. Vlastimil (Mila) Smajstr
BORN. Jindrichuv Hradec, Czechoslovakia, 14th November, 1923
DIED. Brisbane, Australia, 8th September, 2013.

Born to Frantisek and Emilie Smajstr, Mila, 2nd of 8 children. Father was a Fisheries Warden and Mother home duties and working in potato fields. Mila's formative years were spent in Jindrichuv Hradec, Kardasova Recice, Kamenice and Unejovice. In 1937 Mila finished school and went to work, commencing his training as a Waiter at Hotel Kamenice nad Lipou. In 1941 he graduated as a Waiter, experienced in the art of Silver Service, a la Carte dining and had trained to do cooking "at table", at which he excelled for fine dining. He returned home to Jindrichuv Hradec to commence working at Hotel Jelen but, sadly, this did not last very long as he was conscripted by the Nazi occupying forces of Adolf Hitler as a Forced Civilian Labourer. He was taken by train to Austria to the town of Ebensee where he was forced to live in The Ebensee Concentration Camp, an extermination camp where his recurring nightmare until the day he died had always been - the kneecaps did not burn. Mila worked for the German Forces building roads and repairing railway lines. This incarceration endured until the end of World War 2. In 1945.

He was repatriated back to his homeland at the end of the War, returned to Hotel Jelen in Jindrichuv Hradec and happily worked in his chosen profession. At the end of 1945 Mila was conscripted into the Czech Army for 2 years for National Service. He enjoyed this time and was stationed in the Army town of Ceske Budjeovice near Czech/Austrian border. In 1947 he completed his Army Service and returned to work at Hotel Jelen. This lasted until 1948 when Czechoslovakia was taken over by the Communist Forces. The bottom fell out of Mila's world as he hated Communism and all it stood for with a passion. He set about looking for ways to undermine thr Communist Forces (in the vain hope they would leave Czechoslovakia).

Mila and a friend, Zdenik Macan, were approached by the American Counter Intelligence Corps Agents because they were very familiar with the German/Czech border west of Domazlice, to assist the Americans to smuggle Political prisoners across the border to Germany. They did not hesitate to agree. Unfortunately, after completing their Assignment and making their way to the "safe house", when they arrived all the lights were on, the wife of the farmer was pregnant and they thought she was giving birth, but alas, they were apprehended by armed Communist Forces. They were taken to Bory Prison in Pilzen first and were charged with treason and espionage. After being found guilty, sentenced to 15 years imprisonment in a Forced Labour Camp.

This would have been enough to break most men, but not Mila, he believed strongly in his actions and, from his first day of imprisonment, was thinking up ways to escape his captors. They were transferred to Pankrac Prison in Prague (from which no one had ever escaped) and thought they were doomed. They played Chess with Chess Pieces made from stale rye bread and baked in the sun in the Prison Courtyard. They were, after a few months in Pankrac, transferred to a Coal Mine in MOST, Northern Bohemia. After 6 months here, with the help of Mila's sister Marie who was permitted to visit, he was able to bribe one of the Mine Foremen with money and cognac to leave a gate unlocked so they could attempt a daring escape with a group of other prisoners.While some got scared and turned back including Zdenik Macan who had the Compass, Mila decided to press on at all costs and this turned out to be his path to Freedom.

After 6 days in the wilderness, walking in circles with no Compass, existing on grass to eat and licking dew off leaves for water, he made his way back to Germany, contacted the American C.I.C. Agents, they housed and fed him, placed him in Schweinfurt Refugee Camp as a Displaced Person with no State, and organised his migration to Australia (chosen because it was farthest away from the Communists). Mila was transferred to Italy to Sennegalia Refugee Camp and embarked on the SS "Oxfordshire" from Naples for Australia. Mila was joined on the ship by many other refugee Czech men, they remained close friends throughout their lives in Australia. Sadly, most of these friends have already fallen.

Mila's political views flowed on to his life in Australia and, ironically, had his beloved Liberal Party employed a "Stop the Boats" policy all those years ago, perhaps he would not have made it here. They arrived in Australia on 10th March, 1950, berthed in Newcastle and were transferred to Greta Embarkation Centre near Uralla, New South Wales. Mila was sent together with some of the other Czechs, by the Australian authorities to Bileola in Queensland where he would spend the next 2 years working for Banana Shire Council as a labourer, repairing roads and digging graves, to pay back the cost of his passage to Australia. During this 2 years, the gang were housed in tents on the banks of the Dawson River, near Callide Creek. This was seen as a great adventure of freedom by all.

When his time there ended Mila came to Brisbane where he would frequent Bars in the hope of finding other Czechs. This he did and, together with many others, was instrumental in founding the infant Czechoslovakian Club in Queensland, it had several homes before the Club, in the 1960's, purchased land at Burbank with a view to building a "Club House". This Club House opened for business on 5th March, 1972 with many politicians of the day enjoying the Czechs immense sense of hospitality. This Club today is a wonderful institution in Brisbane society, Czechs and others gather there regularly and on 27th October, 2013 we observed Czechoslovak National Day Celebrations (for 28/10/2013). A wonderful tradition for all of us. Mila commenced work in Brisbane at Cecil Hotel in 1953 with Zdenik (Denis) John, another Czech Refugee. From there he moved on to the BelleVue Hotel opposite Parliament House.

He was employed there until he left in 1970, all this time in Brisbane had been spent working with famed Hotelier Family, Joe Bonenti and family. He went on to work at Leo's Restaurant atop the Canegrowers' Building for Tessa Morbelli, a noted a la Carte, silver service Restaurant specialising in fine dining. From there Mila went to Ansett Gateway Hotel in 1972 when it opened at North Quay with Peter Bonenti as Restaurant Manager, Mila became Restaurant Maitre d'Hotel. He worked there until 1985 when he retired because of ill health. He was fluent in several languages and a very devout, shy man, whose faith got him through times of adversity ( of which there were a few). The best time in Mila's life began on 25th January, 1966 when he first met his "to be" wife Christine. Despite there being a considerable age gap between the two, Mila was able to woo his young lady friend and they married in January, 1969. After such challenging years, Dad was finally able to settle down to the life he deserved. Mum and Dad purchased their first house in Mitchelton and, together they transformed it into our family home. Mila and Christine shared a love of classical music, Strauss, Dvorak, Smetana, Czech Music, cooking and fine dining and their parties were legendary.

Mila became a naturalised Australian Citizen in September, 1957 and was very proud of both his Czech and Australian nationalities. With much happiness Mila witnessed, along with the rest of the World, the end of Communisim in Czechoslovakia in November, 1989. We travelled there very soon aftet the Freedom came to the Country.

Mum and Dad worked hard to get by and provide for my sisters Dasa, Kamila and I but the one thing that never wavered was their love for us and each other. The influence that Dad had on my life was immense. He taught me so much and I couldn't have asked for a more loving father.

Mila suffered Haemophilia all his life, together with bowel cancer in 1990 and liver secondary cancer in 1991 - given 2 years to live but said "I'll be fine, this won't get me, nothing else has" and went on to live a further 22 years. He always had a wicked sense of humor and, when being wheeled to Theatre for the liver cancer surgery, called out to Christine and said "If I die on the table, don't pay the bastards at Wesley Hospital. The Nurses and Wardies showed understandable horror.

Mila and Christine sold their home in Mitchelton in 2003 and moved to a new home in Caboolture where Mila spent the final ten years of his life.

Christine cared for Mila at home for the 5 years prior to his final admission to Wesley Hospital on 19th August, 2013 with Acute Kidney Failure caused by antibiotics. He finally succumed at 4.24am on Sunday, 8th September, 2013, after hanging on long enough to get the General Election result from 7th September, 2013. He smiled and relaxed when told and just passed "At Peace" with his World and his beloved Liberal Party.

Mila is survived by his wife of 45 years, Christine, children Dasa, Kamila and Peter, 9 grandchildren (1 deceased), his brother Vladimir in Ostrava, Czech Republic and countless nieces and nephews also in Czech Republic and his dear little dog, Jindi.

R.I.P. Mila, to love and serve the Lord. We are priveleged to have had you in our lives, you were a true survivor.

Prepared by Christine and Peter Smajstr in accordance with the reminiscences of Mila over many years of extracting his story.

Od meho ctenare...

3. prosince 2013 v 17:34 | Charles Bernreiter |  Clanky jinych autoru
Mam uz plne zuby vyrazu Sametova Revoluce

Dnes jsem si precetl prispevky na blogu, tykajici se situace na Ukrajine. Komentar nejake pani Kovarove, ze to tam asi nebude zadna "sametovka" me tak nakrknul, ze jsem ji pod nickname "Charles Bern-Canada" a s pekne priplastrovanym barevnym obrazkem Coat of Arms of Canada misto sve fotografie, odpovedel nasledujici:

Pani Kovarova, vy tam vsichni v Cesku nemate ani poneti, jak je nam smesne kdyz o udalostech v roce 1989 mluvite jako o Sametove Revoluci. To nebyla zadna "sametovka" ale gaunersky podraz, ktery zradce naroda Havel dojednal s komousema, garantujici jejich setrvani u moci, jenom v jine forme. Protoze komousi se tradicne bali jeden druheho, nemohli vubec si risknout krast statni majetek v takove mire jako po roce 1989, s Havlovym posvecenim. A to, ze mate dodnes ve funkci soudcu stare komouse, je primo absurdni.

Navic, ten vas Svaty Havel svym prohlasenim "Nejsme Jako Oni", take zajistil, ze ty kurvy estebacky "vysetrovatele", co zvirecky lidi mucili, spolu se sadistickymi bachari v koncentracich a veznicich, nebyli dusledne stihani za sve zlociny proti lidkosti. Jo, to byla "Sametovka", na niz mate co byt vsichni hrdi kdyz jste tak oblbnute rvali "Havel na Hrad!"

Je dosti zajimave, ze muj prispevek byl instantne publikovan, ale behem 4 minut byl vymazan. Zaslal jsem tedy nasledujic novy prispevek:

Moderatorovi blogu
Po prve jsem se zucastnil diskuse na Vasem blogu, ale ackoliv muj prispevek vysel, byl okamzite vymazan. Tak si tam polibte prdel!

Zazracne, muj puvodni prispevek opet vysel . . .l
(po 10 hodinach)

A uz to zase smazali..


Poznamka R.H.:

Blog je asi lepe ignorovat (stejne jako my tady v USA ignorujeme zpravy CNN a MSNBC), protoze blog je natolik levicovy, havloidni a pro-rezimni, ze to soudny clovek muze tezko tolerovat. V dobe kdy tento server zacinal, pred peti lety nebo snad dele, jsem i ja (nic zleho netuse) pozadal o moznost tam mit svuj blog. Tehdejsi moderator blogu PhDr. Libor Stejskal (ktery blogy ridi dodnes) mi velmi slusne odpovedel, ze "jen pres moji mrtvolu". A tak to zustalo. Podotykam, ze PhDr. titul v zurnalistice ziskal Libor Stejskal v roce 1988, jeste za komunistu - tim je vsechno jasne.

Jak ja to merim...

2. prosince 2013 v 16:28 | Ross Hedvicek |  Clanky osvetove
Navzdory nazoru mych kritiku z Ceska si opet dovoluji udelit si vyjimku z meho nepsani a pisemne se zamyslet nad necim, co mne zaujalo na Facebooku. Jde o udajne snizovani vaznosti ceskeho naroda, spojene s trumfovanim, komu Nemci zabili vic pribuznych v koncentraku.

I kdyz vetsi cast meho genetickeho kodu je neceskeho puvodu, nemam na Nemce o nic lepsi nazor nez na Cechy. Je to mozna kvuli me dvoumetrove vysce, ze se na veci snazim divat (a merit je) s vyssim nadhledem.

Podle mne by v techto zalezitostech melo byt hlavnim meritkem mnozstvi dobra a pozitivna a vseobecne kultury, ktery ten ktery narod prinesl svetu - pricemz negativno by melo byt do teto rovnice take zahrnuto (kvuli objektivnosti). Rovnez si laskave povsimnete, ze je prima umera mezi vseobecnou tolerantnosti naroda a mnozstvim jeho pozitivniho prinosu svetove civilizaci - tedy cim mene tolerantni ten ktery narod je, tim mene je ultimatne schopen svetu dat. Rad detailne vysvetlim.

Tak napriklad Nemce i Cechy (bez ohledu na to, ze Nemcu je 65 milionu a Cechu jen 10 milionu) vidim celkem podobne a to v celkovem souctu NEGATIVNE. U Nemcu, jakkoliv ke svetove kulture pozitivne prispeli Beethovenem, Wagnerem , Goethem a kukackovyma hodinama, tak jim to na dalsich tisic let absolutne pokazil Hitler a toho stigma je temer nemozne se uplne zbavit. Cesi prispeli Smetanou, Dvorakem a Wichterleho kontaktnima cockama, ale zase si svetove pokazili svou chorobnou naklonnosti ke komunismu a ani tohoto stigma nejsou schopni (a na rozdil od Nemcu ani ochotni) se zbavit. Jen na okraj podotykam, ze oba narody jsou sampiony v netolerantnosti a nesnasenlivosti.

Pokud je narod vyrazne nesnasenlivy a netolerantni, pak ani jeho velikost nezarucuje dostatek prinosu svetove civilizaci, jako zarny priklad muze poslouzit Cina (sice vyrabi uplne vsechno, ale od doby co vynalezli strelny prach pred 5000 lety sami nic nevymysleli), nebo Indie ci Japonsko. Uplne samostatnou kapitolu zaslouzi Arabove s jejich netolerantnim a nenavistnym islamem a pak neni prekvapenim, ze v arabstine nebyla NIKDY publikovana ani jedina kniha technickeho charakteru (to neni ze mne, to je z Al-jazzeery). Tudiz - prinos Arabu svetu je velmi miniskulni a nulovy, co se tyka tolerance, prestoze je jich temer jedna miliarda.

Naopak Zide, kterych je po svete roztrouseno neco pres 15 milionu (z toho v Izraeli 6 milionu) jsou nejen sampioni v poctu obdrzenych Nobelovych cen za vsechno mozne (podle Wikipedie Zide dostali pres 20% vsech Nobelovych cen, i kdyz tvori jen 0.2 % svetove populace - overte si to, cesti antisemiti), ale Zide jsou znami i svou tolerantnosti (v Izraeli jsou i mesity, kdezto v islamskych zemich jsou synagogy zakazany).

Historicky nejvetsimi prispevateli svetu v oblasti kulturnosti a tolerance jsou anglicky mluvici narody - drive vzdy Velka Britanie a od doby druhe svetove valky vetsinou Spojene staty americke, taktez anglicky komunikujici. Obzvlast v poslednich 50 letech bylo ohromujici zjisteni, ze temer vsechna poslouchatelna hudba pochazi z toho mrnaveho ostrova s pouhymi 60 miliony lidi - i kdyz prikladu z jinych oblasti bych tu mohl naskladat hromady. Netreba podotykat, ze britska tolerantnost je primo povestna - oni to snad i vynalezli!

No a v soucasnosti je absolutni spickou v prinosu svetu Amerika. Jednim z mnoha dukazu je, ze sem chce kazdy emigrovat. Netreba pocitat Nobelovy ceny - USA vede s velkym naskokem. Mnozstvi dobra, ktere USA po svete konaji je neuveritelne. Kdekoliv se cokoliv stane, nejaka katastrofa, vsichni uz temer automaticky pocitaji s americkou pomoci - jak napsal i cesky autor na blogu - "Filipinec ci African, zachrani te American!". Kdyz kdekoliv na svete hrozi hlad, vzdy vinou obyvatel samych ci nejakeho komunistickeho experimentu, tak si domorodci sednou na bobek a koukaji na oblohu, kdy uz prileti Americani a shodi jim nejake zradlo. Uz se to tak vzilo - Americani vzdy pomahaji a konaji dobro, i kdyz nemusi. Je to v nich.

Je to nejlepsi a nejcivilizovanejsi zeme na svete. Doufam, ze to tak jeste dlouho zustane.

Tak to merim ja.

Virtuoso na penzi...

1. prosince 2013 v 20:21 | Jerry Vrabec |  Clanky jinych autoru
Neprestavam to pokouset . Vyvrtka se nelibila tak co tenhle virtuoso,na penzi pan Rizling neco jako nas Slovacek ale vic filharmonic . Jinak to citim jako "CURVA SENECTA" Hodne stesti a krasne vanoce - Jaroslav