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Holcicko, emigruj!

28. října 2014 v 13:22 Clanky osvetove
Tedy spis, holcicko, rekni mamince, at s tebou emigruji. Na talent, ktery mas, je ta vase zeme prilis mala a zaostala...

Janu Rejzkovi...

27. října 2014 v 22:08 | Ross Hedvicek |  Clanky osvetove
Dostal jsem rano email od Jana Rejzka, byvaleho kritika a nyni pochlebovace soucasneho rezimu v Ceskozlodejsku:

Od: Rejžek Jan jan.rejzek@rozhlas.cz
Už konečně přestaňte otravovat, odvážný psychopate v emigraci. Děkuji a sbohem.
Odesláno: 26. října 2014 2:38

Tim, ze mne nazval psychopatem a jeste v emigraci mne nesmirne popudil



ty jedna zrzava havloidni pico (to mas za toho psychopata), ktera dojedla veskerou vtipnou kasi uz za Husakova rezimu. Pred emigranty vseho druhu, at uz psychopatickymi nebo ne, by mela ta vase zasrana kolaborantska prazacka banda stat v pozoru a uctive soupat nohama. V prdeli jste byli a hovno jste videli - proto to tam u vas tak vypada. Ujistuji te, ze nejsi na zadnem mem seznamu a nemam v umyslu ti neco posilat.

S pranim vseho nejlepsiho

Ross Hedvicek

P.S. A nechej se ostrihat vole, vypadas s tim ucesem jako Lev Davidovic Trockij.

Controlled Opposition

27. října 2014 v 13:37 | Robert Buchar
Robert Buchar September 5,2014

Marshall McLuhan once asked his audience: "How are human souls caught today? By rod and line, or by net?" When they were silent, he answered: "Neither by rod and line, nor by net. The rod was used in the times of the apostles, and the net - in the days of Guttenberg. Today, water is replaced. And it is done by electronic media."


The great political upheaval of the late 20th century - the so-called fall of communism in Eastern Europe and the collapse of the Soviet Union - is now generally regarded as the spontaneous product of long-accumulating social and economic pressures, and the political confusion and economic disarray that followed as nothing more than a passing phase in an inevitable march toward a more perfect democracy.
One could only wish it was so simple.

Let's look at some similarities applicable at all seven Eastern European communist regimes:

•Every one of these regimes (except for brief infighting in Romania), peacefully transferred power without a fight to foes they had once despised and persecuted.
•In each country the new leadership agreed not to prosecute their predecessors
•The East Bloc parliaments, though still comprised of staunch supporters of the old regime, unanimously rubber-stamped changes that stripped them of legislative power.
•Then, in a theatrical farce, the Soviet Union itself collapsed peacefully
•All the new governments put under seal the former secret police's dealings
•New regimes immediately approved so-called privatization laws, turning their countries' industrial wealth and property over to public
•Former dissidents were replaced by a new layer of "technocrats".
•The national wealth had in fact been transferred into the hands of pre-selected buyers who coalesced into power clans with strong ties to the former communists and their security services.
•A professional KGB officer, neither politician nor dissident, came to rule Russia.
•Events in Russia have exposed the close cooperation between the FSB, itself a remnant of the Soviet KGB, and its long-infiltrated subcontractor, the Russian Mafia.

When Khrushchev visited the United States in 1962 he said to Agriculture Secretary Ezra Taft Benson: "You Americans are so gullible. No, you won't accept communism outright, but we'll keep feeding you small doses of socialism until you'll finally wake up and find you already have communism. We won't have to fight you. We'll so weaken your economy until you'll fall like overripe fruit into our hands." Khrushchev's intention was explained to me by the former deputy chief of Romania's foreign intelligence service, Ion Pacepa, who made the following observation: "The whole foreign policy of the Soviet bloc states, indeed its whole economic and military might, revolved around the larger Soviet objective of destroying America from within through the use of lies. The Soviets saw disinformation as a vital tool in the dialectical advance of world communism. KGB priority number one was to damage American power, judgment, and credibility."

It is noteworthy that Khrushchev did not say, "You will live under communism." He also did not say, "Your children will live under communism." He told his American opposites that their grandchildren "would live under communism." Khrushchev was admitting that Moscow's plan was a long-range plan, involving decades of work.


The collapse of the communist system involved a controlled opposition. It was very important that they controlled people who were opposing the regime. They could eliminate some people, they could put some people in prison, but they had to make sure they could lead a kind of opposition themselves. And what happened was that they realized they could lead the opposition to power and create false democracies under control of the KGB.
Pete Bagley once told me that it wasn't till mid 1990's he found out that all operations CIA tried to organize in Poland during the Cold War were actually KGB sting operations to liquidate potential "real" opposition. Real, genuine opposition was impossible in communist countries.

Let's take Czechoslovakia as an example. We have to go back in time to so-called Prague Spring movement in 1968. This is till today presented by historians as a popular movement to replace the communist dictatorship with "socialism with human face", which was brutally suppressed by Soviet military invasion. Well, we know today it wasn't the case. The whole operation was the overture to Perestoika that followed 20 year later.

In order to change regime in the future KGB needed to create the opposition that will nurture future leaders of the "post-communist" governments.

•Following the Soviet invasion some 800 communist party officials were "expelled" and transferred to so call reserves for future needs later-like Carter 77 and other variations for future development.
•Approximately 200,000 people emigrated including1,120 communists who were sent abroad to work in progressive movements there and collect intelligence data.

In 1967 Soviet Marshal Matvei Zhakarov visited Prague to encourage the recruitment of "high-level agents of influence" in the rising elite of America's universities, media and government. Moscow perceived that power was passing from the hands of the "old industrial plutocracy." If the Soviet bloc could penetrate the U.S. media and academia, it would be easier to manipulate the society as a whole.

In the mid-seventies the underground dissident movement evolved to so-called


•In January 1977 the civic initiative Charter 77 was published.
•First 217 people signed the Charter 77 declaration, 156 of them were former communists.

According to historians the author of Charter 77 proclamation was Jan Patočka. Jan Patočka was arrested in March 1977 and died as a result of interrogation. However, some dissidents, especially those who were not in the pool of the "chosen ones" believe that the Charter77 proclamation was the brainchild of KGB agent Jiří Diensbier.

•The document was never published in the media. It has been written in such a clever way that if we were to make it public, 90% of people would not understand what it was about.

• The whole operation was partially under KGB control. Overall 43 STB officers were involved overseeing Charter's activities. Each of them supervised 5 - 7 field agents.

• At the end of 1977 it was decided in the meeting between KGB and STB that some members of ÚV KSČ will be kept out of the picture. Only 12 select members of ÚV KSČ in Czechoslovakia were partially informed about these actions.

•The management of Charter77 was in the hands of 70 - 85 people, mostly former communists. (At the present time some 180 of their family members are holding high positions in the government and economy.) This group was selected and approved in the beginning by both, Soviets and American sides.

•During the period 1980-1989 Charter Foundation paid $376,000 to finance Charta 77 activities in Czechoslovakia and $1,341 million for personal expenses of Charter 77 members.

•The Charter's account was managed by professor František Janouch in Sweden. Janouch, communist party member since 1948 came from a prominent communist family and his wife had Soviet citizenship. When the account reached millions of dollars and some investment strategy was necessary money was transferred to Kommerzbank in Hamburg, Germany.

•Soros supplied all together $7 million to Charter 77 and Solidarity in Poland. Janouch also stated that Soros only supplied one third of the total amount.

•The database of the Foundation was managed by STB agent Jan Mühlfeit. It later disappeared and Mühlfeit became the director of Eastern Europe section of Microsoft Central.

Let's look at some prominent Charter 77 leaders:

Jaroslav Šabata
•CP member since 1945
•quit his membership in 1968

Jiří Hájek
•CP member since 1948
•Ambassador to Great Britain 1955-58
•Deputy Foreign Minister 1958-62
•Ambassador to UN 1962-65
•Minister of Education 1965-68

Ludvík Vaculík
•CP member
•Communist party journalist
•Expelled from party in 1969

Pavel Kohout
•CP member
•Cultural attaché in Moscow 1949-50
•Editor of the Czech Soldier Magazine
•Editor and analyst of the Czechoslovak TV
•Expelled from party in 1969
•"emigrated" to Austria in 1970

Petr Pithart
•CP member since 1959
•Secretary of the team for reform of the
political system
•Studied in St. Anthony's College in Oxford
•Active in Prague Spring
•Prime Minister 1990-92
•Senator 1996

Petr Úhl
•Revolutionary Marxist and Trockist since 60's
•Activist in the Revolutionary Youth Movement
•Deputy of National Assembly 1990-92
•Member of the UN Committee for Human Rights 1991-2001

Zdeněk Mlynář
•CP member 1945-70
•Studied in Moscow 1959-55
•Member of the CP Central Committee
•Secretary of CP of Czechoslovakia 1968-70
•Expelled from the CP in 1970
•"emigrated" to Austria in 1977


In 1984 the Prognostic Institute was founded as a division of Czech Academy of Science. It was a direct copy of the institute of the same name in Moscow founded by KGB General Michail Ljubimov on the order from Yuri Andropov. Actually, Prognostic Institutes were established in all Eastern European countries.

While dissidents were all in the spotlight of Western media, Prognostics were working overtime in the shadow of secrecy preparing economic changes.
Prognostics were fully aware of dissidents but dissidents had no idea about existence of the Prognostic Institute.

Director of the Prognostic Institute was Waltr Komárek.
•Communist Party member since 1945
•Studied in Moscow in 60's, member of Politburo
•1964-67 adviser of Che Guevara in Cuba
•Active in 1968 Prague Spring Movement
•After 1968 the Secretary General of Economic Council
•Director of Prognostic Institute 1984-1990
•Vice-Chairman of the Marian Čalfa's government after the fall of communist regime

Other members of the Institute were:

Václav Klaus
•Minister of Finance 1989-92
•Principal co-founder of Civic Democratic Party
•Prime Minister 1993-97
•Forced to resign after the scandal steaming
from his secret $5 million Swiss bank account
•1998-2002 Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies
•2003-13 President of Czech Republic

•1966 studied at Universita degli Studi Federico in Napoli, Italy
•1969 Cornel University in Ithaca, USA
•Worked at Czechoslovak State National Bank

Václav Klaus was recruited in 1970 by KGB under code name 'VODIČKA'for "Operation Rattrap"-he was publicly named as an "anti-socialist Malcontent" and "purged" from the Economic Institute. The purpose was to pose Mr. Klaus as a "victim" of the regime so he could continue to penetrate dissident circles as a deep-cover mole. The ruse was successful and Mr. Klaus effectively monitored opposition activities and reported dissident intentions, succeeding also in establishing a personal relationship with underground leader Václav Havel.

In 1998 he began a series of secret meetings with the SVR's station chief in Prague (operational file codename 'Kolešnikov'). Since then he established close relationship with Vladimir Putin.

Miloš Zeman
•CP member since 1968
•His STB file destroyed in 1989
•1993-2001 Leader of Social Democratic Party
•1996-98 Chairman of the Chamber of Deputies
•1998-2002 Prime Minister
•Since 2013 President of Czech Republic

Tomáš Ježek
•CP member since 1969
•Studied in Institute des Hautes Etudes Internationale in Geneva
•1990 adviser to Minister of Finance
Minister for Privatization of the National Property
•1992-94 leader of the Stock Exchange Chamber
•1998-2002 member of the Commission for Stock and Bonds

Zdeněk Tůma
•1993-95 advisor to the Minister of Industry and Trade
•Since 2000 Governor of Czech National Bank

Jaroslav Šedivý
•CP member since 1948
•1953 translator for GRU
•Jailed 6 months in 1970
•After 1990 served as Ambassador in France, Belgium, Luxemburg and Switzerland
•1977-98 Minister of Foreign Affairs

Jan Mládek
•1998 Deputy Vice-Prime Minister for Economic Policy
•1998 Deputy Minister of Finance
Vice-Governor of International Monetary Fund
•2005 Minister of Agriculture

Jiří Dolejš
•CP member since January 1989
•1993-99 worked for Central Committee of CP
•Since 1999 Deputy Chairman of the CP

Miroslav Randsdorf
•CP member since 1972
•1990 Deputy of Federal Assembly
•1996 Chamber of Deputies
•2004 Member of the European Parliament

Vladimír Dlouhý
•Studied at Catholic University at Lovan, Belgium
•1989-92 Minister of Economy
•1992-97 Minister of Industry and Commerce

Karel Dyba
•Studied in Canada 1968-70
•1990-92 Minister in the government of Petr Pithart
•1990 Director of Economic Institute
•1992-96 Minister for Economic Development
•1997-98 Komerze Bank board of directors
•2007 Czech representative in OECD

Karel Köcher
- (his CIA case officer was Paul Redmond)
(Redmond told Köcher about Pavel Tigrit)

•CP member since 1958
•1962 joined KGB under cone name Pedro
•1965 was "emigrated" with his wife to USA
•Worked for Radio Free Europe
•1970 PhD at Columbia University
•1972 US citizenship
•Since 1973 CIA analyst (on recommendation of Zbigniew Brzezinski)
•1984 arrested and sentenced to life
•1986 exchanged for soviet dissident Natan Sacharansky in Berlin

The person in the middle all of that, overseeing preparations for economic and political changes, was comrade Rudolf Hegenbart.

•Career Communist
•1968-69 studied at University of Communist Party Central Committee
•Since 1969 worked for the Central Committee of Czechoslovakia CP
•1986 - Deputy Director of the Central Committee's economic section and Director of so-called "Department 13"
He retired after Velvet Revolution denying any involvement

Hegenbart was informed about Gorbachev's goals by KGB and was charged with preparation of the strategy to move selected communist cadres back to the government after the "fall of communism". He became the key contact for communication with 'illegal' groups like Charter 77 and Obroda (REVIVAL). He started the negotiations about the change of power in August 1989 and directed execution of the plan in November.
Hegenbart also managed the exodus of East-Germans to the West through the West German Embassy in July 1989.
Other actions we can point out are:
•Just before the revolution he organized Václav Hájek's trip to Viena to negotiate with selected "emigrants", like for example Vladimír Mlynář, details about the date and logistics of the upcoming coup.
•The concept of the Civic Forum was agreed on with Hegenbart six months before the coup when treaty about the transfer of power was hammered out.
•He managed sabotage activities against the Interior Ministry to keep order in streets of Prague
•Initiated STB operation of signature drive to support release of Václav Havel from prison (all signatories were communists).
•He advised all principal Charter 77 dissidents to get out of Prague on November 17.-19. Avoid possible arrest by STB-Václav Havel left and came back on Sunday 18th.
•After he successfully managed to stop development of People's Militia in Prague streets, the idea pushed by hard core communist led by Jaroslav Jakeš, he transferred power on Sunday night November 19th to hands of Charta 77. Transportation of Charta 77 leaders to this meting was provided by STB.

I was trying to interview Hegenbart for my documentary in 2006 but he refused. He explained to me that Havel's people told him if he ever would say anything, he will end up in the body bag on the bottom of the Slapy Lake.
Anyway, after my book was published he wrote me a letter saying:

"Congratulation to publishing of your book. When I am reading it right now and your assumptions correct. I was studying in Moscow at the end of 70's a lot of what you are writing about we were lectured on there. The book is important tool for understanding what happened in Eastern Europe and Russia".

That was the best "review" I could ever wish for.


1800 people signed Charter 77 proclamation.

At some point it became obvious that the dissident movement was "contaminated" by people who shouldn't be there, people from "outside" of the circle of "chosen ones". So STB started operation 'Decontamination'. The goal was to intimidate undesired members of Charter 77 and force them to emigrate.

One good example is the actor Pavel Landovský.

Pavel Landovský was the old friend, one of the best friends, of Vaclav Havel. One thing media never told you about Vaclav Havel is that he was something like Bill Clinton od steroids and Landovsky was the one supplying girls to his bed. That became a problem when Havel rose to the level of possible contenders for the future leader and Landovský was "emigrated" to Austria.

280 members of Charter 77 were "emigrated" out of Czechoslovakia during this operation.

Those who resisted ended up in the prison till November 1989 and none of them was invited after revolution to participate in the feast of conquerors.

There is one more interesting character to mention.
Jan Kavan
KGB agent

•son of the Czechoslovak diplomat born in London
•His father was the key witness in the show trial with Rudolf Slánský
and sentenced to 25 years in prison
•1968 emigrated to Great Britain
•Studied in Oxford and University of Reading
•1974 founder of Palach Press Agency that published information about dissidents' activities and illegally shipped literature to Czechoslovakia
•1976 arrested in Belgium for drug smuggling
•1989 returned to Czechoslovakia and joined the Civic Forum
•1990 Chairman of the parliamentary committee for foreign affairs
•1990-02 member of the Czechoslovak Federal Assembly
•1991 indicted of working with STB
(code name Kato, file # 11777/307)
•1996-2000 Senator
•2000-06 member of Chamber of Deputies
•1996 the court decided that Kavan while working for STB he didn't know who he was working for
•after the acquittal he became Senator and vice-chairman of Helsinki Committee for human rights
•1998 Vice-Premier and Minister of Foreign Affairs
•2002-03 Chairman of the UN General Assembly

(his career in the ministry was full of scandals, including murder-for-hire of investigative journalist Sabina Slonkov)

According to documents discovered in STB archives Kavan was KGB agent smuggling to Czechoslovakia flyers and money for dissidents in specially modified car. Documents for trips were made by person with close ties to Carlos the Jackal. When STB started to investigate Kavan's activity in 70's the were ordered by KGB to stop investigation and destroy his file.


Now here is my favored part-the jump-start of Velvet Revolution. The excellent work of deception.

On November 17, 1989 the student demonstration in downtown Prague culminated in physical confrontation with riot police and student Martin Šmíd was killed. The news about Martin Šmíd's dead was a spark igniting the public uprising and lead to resignation of the communist government.

But when dust settled down it turned out that nobody died. The whole situation was staged by STB agent Ludvík Žifčák working undercover as student Milan Růžička.

Till today, almost a quarter century later, crowds and Presidents are still gathering on November 17. at the memorial of this incident lighting candles in the memory of the killed student.

Ludvík Žifčák is joking that he is the only living person having the memorial honoring his death.

Vaclav Havel

After the communist government resigned and Civic Forum took over, the fight over the presidency raised. CIA heavily invested in creating Václav Havel' s image and supported by KGB had a powerful rival in Alexander Dubček. While Vaclav Havel was not very popular at home at that time Alexander Dubček's popularity was high being remembered as Prague Spring hero. Havel was terrified by possibility to run in elections against Dubcek. After negotiations in Prague Dubček promised he will not run and let Havel become the President. Then later he called back Havel from Jihlava saying he changed his mind and he will run. Havel and his bodyguard Stanislav Milota drove immediately to Jihlava. After some talks they make an agreement. Dubček will not challenge Havel this time and in exchange Havel will no run in the next elections. At the end, as Milota described to me, Havel was down on his knees in front of Dubček, holding his hands thanking him for this agreement. After they left the room Havel turned to Milota and said: "Screw him, he is fucked anyway!"
Alexander Dubček died in the car accident two years later.


When President Václav Havel found out there are files in STB archives on all dissidents, he ordered his interior minister Richard Sacher to seal all files of Charter 77 members and people in his government in co-called FUND Z.
This sealed package of files was then moved by Jan Langoš to an undisclosed location.
Jan Langoš died in a freak car accident.

In December 1961 a KGB major defected to the United States with information about a Soviet long-range strategy. He provided the CIA with a package of documents, including one that described a new KGB directorate of disinformation (Department "D").

• "By 1986 the Soviet Union would be led by a man "with a more liberal image."
•This man would initiate "changes that would have been beyond the imagination of Marx or the practical reach of Lenin and unthinkable to Stalin."
•The Soviet system would be liberalized, and the liberalization "would be spectacular and impressive. Formal pronouncements might be made about a reduction in the Communist Party's role; its monopoly would be curtailed.
•The KGB would be reformed. Dissidents at home would be amnestied.

This defector was Anatoly Golitsyn. He published the book Perestroika Deception. In this book he made 148 predictions.
139 of 148 Golitsyn's predictions were fulfilled by the end of 1993. The accuracy rate of nearly 94 percent.

And guess what-Golitsyn told the CIA about the controlled opposition in October 1964 as we can see from this memorandum he wrote to James Woolsey in 1993!

We should also mention that in KGB jargon, changing people's past was called "framing", and it was a highly classified disinformation specialty.

"History is a capricious creature. 
It depends on who writes it."
-Former Soviet Premier, Mikhail Gorbachev

Once I asked Pete Bagley a question: "What is the difference between what we are presented by media and the reality what is really happening"? His wife had a quick answer: "Live in deception or shoot yourself".

The End


Gorbachev himself admitted that in one meeting when someone blamed him that the reform program Perestroika was badly thought out, he said, "That's not true comrades! When I came to power there were a hundred and two massive research papers formulating what should be done." So he admitted he was not the father of that. It was prepared. And who was presiding over that preparation? Andropov.

Na veceri s prateli v brazilske restauraci...

27. října 2014 v 4:51 Clanky osvetove

Zprava: See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.

Pripad Rudinska: Jak se kalila ocel...

26. října 2014 v 2:50 Clanky osvetove
A mame tu dalsi krasny rozhovor k pripadu pro-rezimni dokumentaristky Libuse Rudinske. Televizni novinarka (to neuveritelne tupe hovadko) Daniela Drtinova vede rozhovor na tema Rudinske s historikem Petrem Blazkem (asi z VUSTR).

Napred mne sice prekvapilo, ze dnesni cesti historici jsou mladsi nez me vlastni deti, ale po par minutach se mi to zacalo libit. Nejlepsi je az na konec, kde Blazek vylozene virtualne nakope prdel Drtinove, ze si neoverila nesmyslna tvrzeni Rudinske o Wonkove otci - sledujte to pozorne. Kluk ma pravdu.

Tady je to to - poteste sve oko:

Blazku, mas u mne flasku! :-) Tebe z toho VUSTRu stejne brzo vyhodi.

Jinak ta pro-rezimni dokumentaristka Rudinska tvrdi, ze Wonka byl v podstate zdrav, jen mel "krehky metabolismus". Ve skutecnosti zemrel (dle zahranicnich lekaru, ne CSSR policejniho lekare) na nasledky biti - embolie a ztratil 25 kg vahy. Posudte sami, zda TAKTO vypada zdravy clovek.

Chris Rea a projev k Prazakum...

26. října 2014 v 2:33 | Ross Hedvicek |  Clanky osvetove

Podivejte se na fotku toho billboardu - za par dnu, 30. rijna 2014 mate v Praze vystoupeni Chrise Rea - lepsi muzika jeste v Praze nebyla minimalne poslednich sto let. Nebudte tupa nekulturni hovadka, chodici na vystoupeni Karla Gotta a Helenky Vondrackove se souborem Alexandrovcu a udelejte si sami sobe laskavost a zajdete se podivat na neco krasneho a kulturniho. O ucasti podejte zpravu zde v komentarich. Dekuji. R.H.

K vyroci sametoveho podvodu

26. října 2014 v 2:08 | Jiri Wolf |  Clanky jinych autoru
Tak se nám blíží další výročí velkého sametového podvodu v našem ulhaném Českozlodějsku. Oficiálně se opět na školách bude lhát a důkladně vymývat mladičké mozečky. Vašek Havel bude žákům a studentům opět vykreslován jako ten největší myslitel a národní hrdina, který pád komunistického režimu sám geniálně naplánoval a provedl a proto má nejvétší zásluhy na vybojování svobody a demokracie v zemi, hodné na udělení Nobelovy ceny. Velká disidentka Monika Pajerová si dozajista navýší počet studentů na Národní třídě o dalších sto tisíc. Minule tvrdila, že se protivládní demonstrace se účastnilo na 800 tisíc studentů! V knihovně Václava Havla se budou modlit za velkého politika a budou se vymýšlet další akce, aby se probůh na velkého Václava nezapomnělo. Co tak ještě po něm pojmenovat a přejmenovat. Přitom celý národ už dnes ví, že to byl obyčejný podrazák a podvodník. Dělal jsem před rokem přednášku na jedné pražské soukromé střední škole.

Mimo jiné jsem citoval texty z knihy Roberta Buchara, tedy důkazy o tom, k jakému podvodu v listopadu 1989 došlo a objasňoval celý ten sametový podvod. Studenti se mi svěřovali, že je ve škole učí něco jiného. U pootevřených dveří třídy stál na chodbě - na vartě jejich kamarád a hlídal, aby se o přednášce a především o jejím obsahu nikdo cizí nedozvěděl. Učitelka měla strach, aby náhodou něco neprasklo! Seděla v první lavici a na závěr setkání s bývalým vězněm svědomí ke svým studentům pravila. "Abych pravdu řekla, já jsem si to myslela, že to tak bylo, že nás všechny pan Václav Havel s tou svou partičkou podvedl, ale všechny Vás prosím. Doma nic raději neříkejte. Mohla bych skončit na ulici!" S pravdou jsme na tom stále jako za totáče. Smáli jsme se tenkrát tomu, kterak společnost byla schizofrenní, jak fungovala rodina, tedy jak velmi špatně nefungovala! Rodiče se před dětmi báli mluvit, arciže se jinak mluvilo doma a ze strachu jinak na veřejnosti a muselo se lhát a v podstatě podvádět a tiše kolaborovat. Jinak hrozil kriminál nebo ztráta společenských výhod. A tak lžeme dál a máme strach mluvit pravdu.

Tomu se říká svobodná společnost! To je ta velká svoboda a demokracie, tedy onen vý-dobytek 17. listopadu. Okolnosti 17 listopadu jsou stále zamlžovaným komplexem společnosti a média v Česku pravdy obcházejí tiše po špičkách. Od roku 1990 jsou ovčané neustálou důmyslnou propagandou ubíjeni lživými tvrzeními o spontánní revoluci a kultem osobnosti velkého Vaška, kterého nám můźe závidět celý svět. Demagog Gébls by měl ze všech těch tisícekrát opakovaných lží o naší velké sametové revoluci obrovskou radost. Zaplesal by a pravil by: "Moc dobře to děláte, soudruzi. Je vidět, že jsem stále Vašim dobrým učitelem!" Skutečnou pravdu se čtenář v Česku přec sporadicky občas dozví, pokud pozorně čte některá nezávislá periodika. Moc jich není, ale i tak díky za to odvážné málo. Tento týden jsem si koupil časopis Reflex a v čísle 43 mne zaujal rozhovor s tehdejším generálním tajemníkem ÚV KSČ, Miloušem Jakešem.

Pozorný čtenář se mimo jiné dozvěděl, jak to doopravdy bylo s tou naší neslavnou revoluci a v čí vůbec byla režii. Milouš Jakeš v podstatě potvrdil mé pravdy se kterými jsem vystoupil krátce po roce 1990. Napsal jsem usvědčujíci svědectví o které tenkrát neměl zájem ani Respekt! Národu byla milejší lež a o pravdu nikdo nestál! Zájem neměla ani "nezávislá" vyšetřující komise 17 listopadu z řad studentů a později ani Federální vyšetřující komise 17. listopadu. To vše bylo pod dozorem stále fungující StB! O pravdu neměl zájem nikdo! A nemá zájem ani dnes. Naopak se režim snaží svědky všelijak umlčovat. Psal jsem o tom, jak jsem byl ráno 17 listopadu 1989 zatčen a držen za palácem kultury až do skončení bití studentů na Národní třídě. Dvě hodiny před tímto masakrem se mi estébáci chlubili k čemu na Národní třídě dojde. Když jsem šel na WC, na chodbu vyšel z jedné kanceláře estébák a já mohl vidět, jak za stolem v zasedací místnosti sedělo pár civilistů - StB a tři důstojníci v uniformách sovětské armády. Všichni seděli před dvěma monitory a sledovali průběh demonstrace proti režimu. Před Vyšehradskou branou rvala SNB studentům z rukou transparenty a prapory na násadách od košťat, aby se o tři hodiny později nemohli studenti čím bránit Jednalo se v podstatě o odzbrojování demonstrantů! Tou dobu došli studenti z Albertova na Vyšehrad. Psal jsem o tom, že vše bylo pod režií Kremlu a že celý ten slavný listopad byl jen mistrným podvodem, který nám uvěřil celý západní svět. Havel, který na tomto podvodu velmi pilně spolupracoval s vojenskou GRU pak na tomhle podvodu vydělal obrovskou slávu a prezidentské křeslo k tomu.

S onou hanebně uměle vytvořenou slávou mu nejvíce vypomohla Madlénka Olbrajtová. Inu, byl to přece jenom velký hrdina Židů - Havel měl totiž poloviční židovský původ - a tuhle slávu dovedla jeho ochránkyně Madlénka až ke kultu osobnosti. Za spolupráci na zradě komunisté později Havlovi navrátili majetek, který podléhal Benešovým Dekretům. Onu, i lumpárna si u komunistů zasluhuje odměny! Pamatuji se, jak se mi z Charty všichni smáli a nakonec odvrhli. Nikdo mi tenkrát nevěřil. Svou pravdou jsem se stal nebezpečným pro nové společenské zřízení, kterému v podstatě dál šéfovali komunisté a z řad chartistů spolupracovníci StB a GRU. Pravdu o listopadu 89 a Jidášské zradě V. Havla se rozhodli zveřejnit John Bok a Přemysl Vachalovský. Knihu, která byla jimi vydána se nedostala ani do knihkupectví. Na obranu lži a v podstatě stále nedotknutelné osoby Václava Havla, bylo celé vydání zabaveno pracovníky BIS. Naštěstí za vydání knížky dostali oba autoři alespoň vyplacenou finanční náhradu. Potom přišel internet a kdo měl zájem a chtěl se něco více dozvědět o podvodným listopadu, našel si potřebné informace na internetu. I přes tuto skutečnost, režim dál lhal, takže hodně ovčanů nadále věřilo oficiální verzi. Pro mnohé občany je velmi těžko pochopitelné, že jakousi revoluci dělali v Československu komunisté! Stále tomu nemohou uvěřit! Když se začteme do týdeníku Reflex můžeme se dočísti z rozhovoru s Jakešem velmi zajímavé skutečnosti.

Bývalý komunista mi svým rozhovorem potvrdil mé pravdy. Jakeš otevřeně prohlásil, že; "Gorbačov nás všechny zradil. Slíbil Bushovi, že do konce listopadu budou provedeny změny". A k těm politickým změnám opravdu došlo! Konkrétně k 17. listopadu 89 v rozhovoru prohlásil; "Padesáté výročí 17. listopadu 1939 zneužilo několik vysoce postavených členů strany, aby spolu se státní bezpečností a za rad KGB svrhli vedení strany!" A dále uvedl; "Listopad zinscenovala StB. Žádní disidenti- Havlové, Vondrové - na tom neměli zásluhy, ti jen převzali moc, provedli takový Antiunor. Poslali studenty do fabrik a na 27. listopadu vyhlásili generální stávku. A stejně se museli opírat o komunisty. Bez Čalfy by nebyli s to nadiktovat ani jedno vládní usnesení. Komunističtí poslanci, kteří Havla zvolili prezidentem, byli dokonale vystrašeni. Tento strach obstaral Čalfa . Komunistický parlament pak zvolil Havla jednohlasně! Vždyť je to absurdní. U nás žádná reálná opozice nebyla, to byli takoví žvanilové, kteří se nechali živit ze západu."

Milouš Jakeš tak jen svým svědectvím potvrdil moje tvrzení o sametovém podvodu na kterém se vědomě a dobrovolně podílel pan Václav Havel. Jak řekl John Bok. Bez vědomí komunistů si v Československu nemohl nikdo ani uprdnout! A zvláště to platilo v listopadu 1989. I když budou vypovídat další a další svědci z řad komunistů, a důkazů o podvodu bude přibývat, nic se na oficiálním verzi 17 listopadu nebude měnit. Podobně tak ani v učebnicích dějepisu pro základní školy. Existuje totiž zákon o zásluhách Václava Havla, který je vlastně novodobou cenzurou. Oficiálně se totiž nesmí V. Havla kritizovat. Nesmí se psát o tom, jakým podvodem přišla jeho rodina k zabaveným majetkům a kdo vydal rozhodnutí na jejich vydání, které podléhaly Benešovým Dekretům! Povoleno je pouze Václava Havla chválit, hluboce se klanět jeho kultu, stavět mu sochy, přejmenovávat ulice a věřte mi, že si spousta pitomců z řad "umělců" na tomto kultu osobnosti dělá jméno a staví svou kariéru. Dnes jsem byl na Václavském náměstí a tak jako každy rok, tak i tento je na Národní muzeu zavěšená obrovská podobizna našeho Váška Havla. Arci se musí jeho kult národního hrdiny dál uměle udržovat.

Už chápu, proč Výbor pro udělování cen Nobela, našemu největšímu Čechovi neudělal Nobelovu cenu za mír. A domnívám se, zle tento výbor dobře věděl proč se tak rozhodl. Kdyby ovšem existovala cena za největší podvod, jistotně by Václav tuto cenu získal. J. Wolf


Pavel Wonka vedome spolupracoval s StB

24. října 2014 v 16:30 | Ross Hedvicek |  Clanky osvetove
Dokumentaristka Libuse Rudinska natocila dokument o Pavlu Wonkovi, tvrdici, ze Pavel Wonka vedome spolupracoval s StB. Komentatorka Daniela Drtinova (to je ale tupe stvoreni) s ni vede velmi odusevnely a hlubokomyslny rozhovor - prosim vas, podivejte se na to zde:

Divak musi nutne odejit s dojmem, ze ten Wonka byl vlastne fizl a v te base vlastne umrel jen silou vule, protoze byl uplne zdravy, jen mel "krehky metabolismus" (ano, tuhle picovinu tam dokumentaristka Rudinska taky tvrdi). Proste Wonka byl querulant a v te base umrel jen proto, aby vsechny nasral. Lehl si na zem jako bizoni v Yellowstone Parku a silou vule si zastavil srdce a finito.

Presvedcenost Libuse Rudinske na mne udelala velky dojem. Je v Praze a vsechno nejlip vi. Nasla dokumenty, ktere nikdo jiny nemohl najit, atd. atd.

Takze vsechny me modly se kaci jako socha Ozymandiase v pousti az zustanou jen ty dve nohy (pokud nevite o cem mluvim, tak to je basen P.B. Shelley) - ke komu ja mam ted vzhlizet? Urcite taky nejaka jina mlada dokumentaristka dokaze ze i Hucin byl estebak, ze i Cibulka byl estebak a ze i ten Wolf se do tech Valdic nechal zavrit schvalne, protoze se mu tam proste libilo. A emigranti! Nesmime zapomenout na emigranty! Vsichni emigranti byli taky spolupracovnici StB, protoze jsou v seznamu od Pence a bez spoluprace s StB by nemohli emigrovat a tak se vyhnout poctive praci v CKD (Ceskomoravska Kolben Danek)! Zasrani emigranti!

Tak se podivejte...

Jinak jsem se mimo to docetl, ze dokumentaristka Rudinska nejen ze dostava tolik grantu a penez na filmovani od statu (skoro bych rekl,ze by ji slusel titul "prorezimni dokumentaristka") , ze pomalu nevi, kde zacit filmovat driv (i na George Voskovce uz si plivla a za ty penize si udelala hezky vylet do USA), ale dlouha leta spolupracovala pod ochrannym kridlem senatora Jaromira Stetiny (to je ten, co schvalil zverejneni seznamu emigrantu fetakem Pencem a v minulosti hrozne rad jezdil do Ruska).

Na te fotce tam, neni to slavna Jana Nagyova?

Prehmaty Jana Wericha

24. října 2014 v 15:10

Píseň s tímto textem zazněla na konci roku 1941 v emigrantském rozhlasovém vysílání z USA na stanici Hlas Ameriky v rámci programu Černá čtvrthodinka od Voskovce a Wericha. Reagovali tak na nacistický propagandistický skeč "Hvězdy nad Baltimorem", který odvysílal český rozhlas a kde Burian parodoval exilového ministra Jana Masaryka.

Vše je považováno jako jeden veliký Werichův přehmat, kdy do Ameriky přišly zkreslené informace o Burianově spolupráci s nacisty.

Ono tech prehmatu udelal pan Werich ve svem zivote vic. Napriklad, ze neemigroval jako Voskovec - i kdyz po navratu z USA uz v Ceskoslovensku zadnou karieru nemel, poradne si nikde nezahral (Voskovec hral v USA ve vetsim mnozstvi filmu nez Werich - prekvapko, co? To vam v Cesku nenapsali v novinach?) a byl odsunut do pozadi. Zda se, ze Werich nemohl bez Prahy byt... a tak radsi podepisoval Antichartu77 a tak podobne.

Takze bacha, vy vsichni, co bez Prahy nemuzete byt - Praha krivi charakter...

A podivejte se i na tohle